Preferences and Imagines

Just imagines and preferences about the boys. I take request in the comments as well! xx


1. Imagine for Lenna

Imagine for @LoveOfTheMusic hope you like it!

Your POV

"I wish I was beside you", Michael sang to you over Skype as I giggled. "I love your hair now!" I complemented him as he fluffed him now hot pink hair. "Thanks babe." He winked. "I miss you so much", I lightly smiled, trying to hold back tears.

Michael noticed and pouted,"I don't like to see my baby cry, it makes me cry." "Who you talking to, foo?!" Michael laughed and looked beside him. I waved to Ashton as he smiled and waved back. "How you doing, Lenna?" I pretended to cry,"I miss my Mikey."

They both smiled as Ashton stood up and patted Michael's back. "She loves you, and he loves you very much!" I smiled, but laughed as Ashton strutted away. "You know," I looked at him. "He's  not lying. I really do love you." 

My face flushed as I responded,"I love you more."  He blew a kiss, as I returned the favor. "I got to get going babe, we have get an early flight today. I love you, goodnight." 

I blew him one more kiss before shutting off the computer, sighing. I probably should go to bed to, I though.


My eyes shot open as a knock on the door awoke me. Groaning, I got up and walked over to it. 

A man with two vases of roses was standing there. "Hi are you Ms. Lenna?" I nodded as he handed me the vases.

There's more." My eyebrows raised as I looked at the amount of little gifs he was carrying over to me. 

Moving out if the way, I let him come inside and place them on any place they would fit. "Well, that's it. Oh and –" his hand went into his shirt pocket. "This." 

I thanked him as he closed the door behind him. Very quickly, I opened the little note. It said;

To my beautiful girlfriend Lenna,

I miss you very much, and I know you miss me to. So, I decided to give you something's as a sorry present for not being there. Words can't express how much I love you. You're my everything.



A smile spread on your lips as you ran upstairs and logged onto Skype.

Luckily, he was on. "How'd you like them?"

"Oh, Michael, they're beautiful! I love them so much – I love you so much!" 

The rest on the night, you spent Skyping with him. 

*Hope you liked it, sorry it really sucks. I'm still taking request so comment below. Thank you. :) xx

- Mere

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