Louise is just a normal girl from think she'll fall in love with niall? Think again!


1. my leprechaunette

Louise POV

I was at this club called 'drunk' its a stupid name, get over it!

There was loads of drunk people there, which doesn't surprise me, but there was a particular boy who I seemed interested to mess with. He was dancing on the platform and singing a old drinking song,so I went to watch.

"I want to do it all night with youuuuu" omg he winked at me, what is he playin at?

When he finished he ran up to me and said,

"Hey, can I have sex With ewwww" not surprised if he got drugged cuz obviously I'd be walk-in out the club say in,

"U got played!"

anyway a few mins later he turned out to calm down and we had a long conversation

We sat on the bench and started to get to know each other.

"Hi, I'm niall, I eat a lot....what about u?"

"Um, I'm Louise, I LOVE to beatbox!"

He plastered a huge smile on his face.

"Cool...can I have your number?"

I gave him my number an waved goodbye as I went home, god knows what my moms gonna say.

Let's hope she doesn't check my phone! Nosy...


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