Hold Tight

Justin Bieber would be your regular teenage boy right? No wrong. Justin is the type of guy every girl likes and hes the type who would never fall for any of them. Justin Bieber's a player. When the new girl Cassey moves to his school and shows no interest in Justin, will he finally fall for someone? HOLD TIGHT


1. Justin Bieber


Its 7:00 and i'm already up and halfway out of my room ready to go and get leaning! No im not. If you wanted the truth, i hate school. Couldn't care for learning i just hate having to spend every second of my life in this house. But why am i telling you my problems? You wouldn't care..no one else does. 

 I heard my mom yelling for me to come down so i can eat and get a move on. I yelled back ''COMING!'' as loud as i could. Before i walked out of my room i looked at a old picture of my actual mom. Yea, your wondering, actual mom? My mom and dad divorced and my dad took me in but hes never here and he never lets me go see my actual mom. Since the divorce, me and my mom haven't talked. So its been some years.
'Sweetie i made you something to eat and ill be back around 9 ok?'' she said. She acts as if shes actually my mom. ''Yea whatever. Hey try and see if you can stop bringing home guys other than my dad for once?'' i threw an evil smirk toward her and she looked embarrassed  ''Thought i didn't know'' I laughed in her face an walked out going towards my car.
After what felt like forever,i finally made it to Chaz and Ryan's house. Chaz and Ryan are my best-friends i could tell them anything. But i don't. ''Whats up Justin!!'', Ryan said ''Hey man yo whats up with Chaz?'' i asked ''He's been having chick problems'' Ryan laughed and i smirked driving us to school. Time to put on my act.

                                                               AT SCHOOL 
Ryan-''yo Justin, you heard?''
Justin-''bout what?'' i asked curiously. Right then Chaz came running down the hall
Chaz-''THERE'S GONNA BE A NEW GIRL!!'' obviously that's what Ryan was about to say because he gave Chaz a dirty look.

Ryan-''yea there's a new girl an from what i heard, shes in all your classes.'' 
Justin-''well-'' i was cut off from the stupid bell ringing and with that  found my way to class.
 Teacher-''class, we have a new student her name is Cassey'' she smiled ''Cassey how about you go sit by Justin back there in  the empty desk'' she smiled again, but at me and it wasn't so nice it looked like one of those ''that's what you get'' smiles i don't know 
Cassey looked at me and she looked...shy? Who could be shy in this school?
Cassey-''hey'' she smiled and spook in a nice low voice
Justin-i hope she wasn't hitting on my but i assumed she was ''what'' i hissed at her
Cassey-''well fine then i was trying to be nice!!'' she hissed back at me but still in  a low voice
Once class was over my teacher pulled me and Cassey aside and told us that we should work our project together since i didn't have a partner. 
Well, that's a great way to start and plus, i also found out shes my partner in some other classes. Great, just great 

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