more than friends

Victoria is 17 and when she gets to school a new kid is there they bump into each other get paired up in English and there lockers are right next to each other is this a sigh that they might have a click or is it no big deal

p.s the kids name is Zayn Malik and he is not famous as u can tell hope you injoy


1. The New Kid


    Victoria's P.O.V


        "Class dismissed" My teacher said as everyone was rushing out of the class. We had just finished 7th period I was ready to go home but I had 1 more class left. I was walking to my locker and one of the jocks scared me and made me drop my stuff "O great" I mumbled to myself. Suddenly I herd a crisp British accent I looked up and saw a tall boy he had black hair and was really cute. He bent down and helped me pick up my books  he handed me the two he picked up and I said "thank's" and he replied "my pleasure" and  walked of and turned the corner. He was really sweat and cute but i guess i was the only person who thought that because everyone was whispering and pointing as he walked of. The bell rung "crap i'm going to be late" I rushed to English and when I to the room I raced to my seat and sat down i opened my writing journal and lost my train of thought and started to draw. "Have a seat next to Victoria" "what"? everyone laughed "this is Zayn he is new" I was looking at him and thinking that's the boy from the hall. Once he sat down our teacher said "okay time for a project  ill be picking partners the person sitting next to you is your partner okay settled". Zayn was my partner and I was happy and finally the bell rung I went to my locker and Zayn followed he asked if I knew were locker 199 was I looked at my locker the number was 200 and right next to it was locker 199 "its right here i said giggling" um okay that weird we are like being paired up with everything first we sit together then were partners and now we have lockers next to each other" he said happily " I know right well when do you want to get started on the project?" "after school I can give you my address" okay sounds like a plan". I gave zayn my address and said to come over at 3 and we went our seperet  ways.


         Hey guys sorry if any words  are not spelled right and if you like the book then read on and also im going to need another person so if you want to be in the book put your name and one of the boys you would like to be dating from one direction and pick your personality like nerd,pop or a background person but im only picking the first 3 comments so have fun with that     


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