january 22cnd

Jeremy and his 2 sister Kiesha and Becky are moving into a house but on their way of moving stuff there's a thunk and it happened id like to tell you more but it would ruin the story so read on


1. the new home

It was January 13th and Jeremy and his 2 sisters were going to see there new house.Becky (my sister) was giving my mom directions "where do we turn" mom asked Becky "just after Merecroft" Answered Becky"we were driving we passed Merecroft. We went to turn but we heard a really loud screech while turning. It was followed by sirens and police men in cars. 'Well that's kinda scary" said my 11 year old sister. "while were moving into the city that's normal here at least I think" "at least were not right in town" said my 14 year old sister Becky. "ya that's kind of nic" mom was cut off by Becky saying "turn on upland were here its #733" we got to the house it was big 2 floors green deck and a big yard with 3 gardens. "I like it" said mom. "me too" we all said at the same time. We went in the house downstairs there was a mini area like a house. Upstairs there was 3 bedrooms a bathroom living room and a kitchen. we all agreed we loved it. "my favorite part is that there's a park down the road" said Jeremy.

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