Alone - The Vampire Romance

Jess is just your average teenage girl, but she has a secret. A secret so big only her dad knows about it. He was one too. But now he's gone. Forever. She may think. She meets a boy and falls in love. Everything goes down the drain as she goes on a journey and in the end, must face the gut wrenching decision between family and love. She can only pick one, which one will she pick?


1. Prologue


February 27th 1968

Tumbling, Turning, Alone.

My closed eyes see darkness as I fall down, the wind whipping my short black straight hair across my face. Down, Down, Down I fall. Then I stop. That is all I remember, and from then on, I had Mum. Only Mum. She won't tell me what happened to Dad. She doesn't talk about him. I miss him. He was the only one who knew about my secret. About what I was. He was one too. And now he's gone.

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