Started with a headache

Ok I'm not really good with blurbs.....-------------- Veronica is an average teenage Directioner. One day a certain boy band just happens to turn her life around...... :D


1. Where it started


                              Chapter 1


"One more one more headache one more one more headache ill make it better!" Onedirection sang while messing around in my living room. "Guys I told you the moment you walked in here that I didn't want another headache!!" I explained. "Actually the moment we got here you said ' O-ne-d-d-direction!!!!' Then fainted." Zayn mokked. "Then how did I wake up???" I asked. " True loves kiss." Liam said shyly. "With who?!!?!" I yelled. "Uuuuhhhh m-m-mee?" Liam answered back imbarrased. My face turned bright red at that moment. "I will be right back...." I said awkwardly. Then I sprinted up the flight of stairs to my neon aqua room. I ran for the phone and dialed Sarah's name for FaceTime then ran to the computer to Skype Ashley. Who was freaking out, I was, until they both answered and then saw me freaking out paceing around my room.What we didn't know was that the boys were on the other side of the door listening to our conversation. "Ok so Onedirection came to my house-"

 FLASH BACK: "Ouch I have a really bad headache!" Veronica told her self. *DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG* "Ouch!!" Veronica said while she was gripping her head walking to the door. "Hello love, we are Christmas Carrolers!" Louis said excited jumping up and down as he and the rest of te boys were dressed up in Christmas outfits and covering their faces so they wouldn't be recognized. "Oh hello come on in!" I said politely. The Carrolers stepped into my living room as they started to sing a strangely familiar song. Then I noticed they were singing Little Things by One Direction. I walked up to the tallest one and pulled of his scarf and hat and noticed that the Carrolers in MY living room were One Direction!!
I then said " On-one-d-direction!" Then I fainted. 
                  Liam's POV
(still in flashback) wow she was beutiful! She just made my heart race! Harry then carried her bridal style to the couch and layed her down gently. "Ok so how do we make her wake up??" Niall asked. "True loves first kiss like in the books and movies!!" Louis blurted. "We'll it's worth a shot!" Zayn said as he leaned towards the girl. "Hey whose to say I shouldn't be the one to wake her?!?" Niall said. Then they all started to fight over who would wake her with true-loves first kiss. So while everyone was arguing I leaned in and did it myself. "Liam!! No fair I won at Rock-Paper-Scissors!!" Niall yelled dropping his hands in defeat. "Uggghhhh what happened...?" The girl said as she slowly woke up clutching her head." Well love, you passed out." Zayn explained to her. 

Nobody's POV:
                          " How about we sing her a song to make her feel better!" Louis said. "Ok how about 'Gotta be You!"Niall and Liam yelled at the same time. As they started to sing Veronica clung her hands to her head as she continued to have her horrible head ache. " what's wrong?" Niall asked her. " oh I just have a horrible head ache, and don't want another one!." Veronica answered back directing her answer to the other 4 boys. "One more one more headache one more one more headache, ill make it better!!" Onedirection sang goofing off in Veronica's living room. 

         Nobody's POV:

          END OF FLASHBACK: "And that's what happened."Veronica said will a sigh. At that Sarah and Ashley's jaws dropped like a hand on a fly. 

            Veronica's POV: 

      " I'm just really supprrised it wasn't Harry because ya know i have dreams about him, and he's my absolute favourite and all." I said awkwardly.

                Liam's POV; 
       " Ok so maybe I should not have kissed her... It's depressing that she's disappointed it was me. Maybe she hates me."I told myself. "SHhhhhhhh!! Be quiet Daddy D!" Niall said elbowing me.

              Harry's POV:

     'Mwahahaha I'm her favourite!! And she said she dreams about me. Bonus!!!' I thought to myself. "Well I kissed her..." Liam said. Ok so I'm guessing i said that out loud....

            Niall's POV:
    We don't know what really happened from there but we ended up wrestling each other fighting over who she'd like more.

              Veronica's POV:

      I heard some shouts and bumping. "I kissed her! I'm her favourite! i won at rock paper scissors! I'm the oldest! I'm a Bradford bad boy!" Come from the other side of The door. "I'll be right back girls, I gotta see what all that noise is." I said as the girls nodded. As I opened the door I saw The five boys wrestling yelling at each other in a big pile. "So who are you fighting for?" I asked casually leaning on the door frame crossing my arms.

               Niall's POV:

        "Uuhhhh my cousin? Ya my cousin...." I looked around the hallway we were in for a name " Grettle???..." I said before I could change my mind. "Ya right you were fighting over your own cousin???" She said unconvinced walking back into her room with her arms still crossed. "Nice save leprechaun." Louis said slapping my arm as we all got up to follow Veronica back into her room.

               Liam's POV:

       "Hey Veronica? Can I speak with you for a second?" I said rubbing the back if my neck. "Sure anything for you Liam!!" Niall said with a fake mocking lady voice doing the cupcake face. "Hahaha sure Liam." She said as we walked downstairs into the bright kitchen.

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