The Coaches Daughter (English Football Romance)

Ismei is the coaches daughter. Her dad, Joe Smith, runs an under 10's football team. Ismei and her best friend, Amie, decide to go to the final match of the season. But little did Ismei know that the under 10's football match would get her a new boyfriend.
Ismei is the coaches daughter.


1. Dads Decision.

With enough grinding, and iron rod can become a needle - Unknown


Dad never used to like sport. He used to laze around, reading his newspaper, in his old Union Jack PJ's. Then, Oliver grew up. Oliver is my 9 year old brother, and ever since he got a TV in his room, he was hooked on Sky Sports and BBC sports. He even saved up enough money to get himself an old copy of FIFA 11 off his friend Key's dad. Key is actually called Keith, but he hates his name. His mum's Dad named him, because he didn't trust Key's dad to pick a good enough name, so poor Keith was stuck with a boring name.

  I'm lucky. My name, Ismei, had never been heard of at my high school till I went there in year 9. I moved to Manchester when my Mum died. She had lung cancer and died shortly after she was diagnosed. Before then, Dad always went to the football matches. He had a season ticket. But then he stopped, scared to bring the past with him to Manchester.

 Then, on Monday 24th January which was exactly 3 years since Mum died, we were sitting at our dining table when dad broke the news. 

'So, kids, I would like you to meet someone, I think you will really like her!'

My mouth widened when he said 'her'. I hoped he meant a dog, a small, white, fluffy puppy, or perhaps an adopted sister for me, with golden curls and the brightest blue eyes ever, or maybe even a distant cousin we had never met, funny and cheery to brighten up the day. But I had no such luck. In 'she' walked. 

 A woman, perhaps only 30 years old, strutted into our kitchen and over to the dining table without hesitation. She bent down, kissed Dad on the cheek, then went to Oliver to try and kiss him. He dodged the kiss, a grossed out look ironed onto his face. 

'Change your face, if the wind changes it will stay like that!' The mystery woman said, her black mess of hair bouncing off her shoulders. She made her way over to me, obviously trying to kiss me, but I shot her a look. Oh, if looks could kill. Her confident, make up filled face turned to one of fear, looking at me before proceeding to introduce herself. 

'Hello, I'm...'


---------------Authors Note----------------

Hi there!

Suspense! It's killing ME! I wonder if you can guess who the woman is? I think it's quite obvious. 

When I was trying to describe the dog, the adopted sister, and the distant cousin, I felt as if I was sitting with them, the fluffy puppy curled up on my lap, while I braided the adopted sisters hair, listening to the distant cousin blabber on about her Australian boyfriend. 

Big thanks to Emely or  kalelkitten on this beautiful website called Movellas, she made my cover and she did a FABULOUS job, so go fan her and tell her how amazing she is!

So anyway, Comment, Like, and Fan if you like the story so far!

Angel xx



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