Obsessed. (Bieber)

"What do you want from me?" she asked as her eyes finally met mine, I licked my lips giving her a small smile, "I just want you to love me.."

It's about Biebeeeer, u know ;-)


1. Chapter 1.

Jason McCann

I watched as she laughed loudly, accidentally tripping over nothing as her friends laughed along with her. I felt a smile tug at the coners of my mouth as I admired her.
My baby
My baby was beautiful. I watched as her long dark brown espresso blew in the wind, wich was starting to frusarte her, she laughed loudly showing her dimple in the right cheek, her small eyes became slit as she laughed making me smile. She walked right past me making my breath hitch and my heart break. I could've taken her, but her stupid slutty friends was with her. My baby shouldn't even be out on a friday night like this.
I love her so much.

I fixed my hood as I walked past my baby, she furrowed her eyebrows at me, her perfectly waxed eyebrows.
"Watch where you going, jerk."
My baby told me making my jaw clench. When I first started watching her, I noticed she swear like a sailor at times and was a fighter, wich worried me. She's smart. She has a B & C average in school, but I'm talking about street smart. My baby had her moments where she'd break down making her weak and vulnerable. I know that if I took her, I'd have trouble with her, she'd try to run away from me and that would make me very angry.

I just want her all for myself. We can live together in Vegas, and her married, and have two kids. I'll keep running my gang that is spread across the country and she'll be in secong hand. She'll be treated like a princess. My princess. I'll love her. I'll be able to hold her and kiss her forever. We could travle like she always wanted to since nobody knows what Jason McCann look like. If people knew I was Jason McCann, i'd be in prison, and I can't see my baby in prison.

She's beautiful.

Her tan skin, her long legs, her height standing at 5'3 meaning I tower over her, her big pink lips I could kiss all day (her lower lip has a piercing on the right side), her chubby cheeks, dark brown eyes, I know everything about her, everything besides her bra size, they're big and so is her butt, she's beautiful. She's perfect in every single way.

Ask me anything about her, and I will answer it. All I want for her is to love me.

Why am I obsessed with her?

Because she's her, and nobody will ever be her. She's one of a kind, she's beautiful along with her flaws, her attitude, her.

Ileana Renee will be mine.


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