The Choice of CHOCOLATE

This is for the competition Movellas get Political comp so enjoy. It's about chocolate.


1. The choice of CHOCOLATE

I saw on the news one day that chocolate was going to be extinct as it is using to much coco beans. I know some people are allergic to chocolate and some people don't like it but the majority love it and wont be able to live with out it. I have come up with a little theory, a plan, but it will need a lot of people so please help as I love chocolate and I wont be able to live without it as much as you will.

My little theory is (I know) that some people are just buying chocolate for the sake of it so that they can stock up on it but if that's not wasting chocolate I don't know what is; we'll be using more chocolate than we used in the beginning which caused them to ban chocolate.

Although they're not planning to get rid of it until 2020, so we can still make a difference.

My plan is don't waste chocolate as the ban is not yet official; if we limit our selves on chocolate, all around the world, and everyone takes part then we might be able to save chocolate. They might see the decrease in the amount of coco beans so they might find a solution...

If every one helps, then we can all make a difference. This is just as important as pollution, school dinners, recycling or any of the serious issues in the world, even if many of you don't agree with me.

I know it seems impossible, but we can do it. If we work together we can accomplish something phenomenal, and can save chocolate.

So, when you are at the till, and you're about to scan the chocolate, make the choice- do you need the chocolate? Or do you want it?

"The world may run out on October 2, 2020. Industry experts met in London last week to discuss the impending meltdown. Confectionery giants revealed there are just not enough coco plantations across the globe to feed the demand. They warned we would need the ­equivalent of another planet Earth to fill the gap needed to keep the chocolate ­industry going but they might be able to find a solution."


Every time you walk in a shop,

Every one knows where you stand and stop,

To think and think and think to your self,

Shall I reach for something on that shelf?


Oh all right then, just this time,

All this chocolate will be mine,

You go up to the till to pay,

This really is your lucky day;


The guy at the till says it's "3 for 2"

You say yes please as it's all for you,

You're being greedy, can't you see?

A Chocoholic, you needn't be,


Now you go home and watch the telly,

The yummy chocolate is in your belly,

When the news come on you listen to it,

You practically started to have a fit!


The women was saying in the year 2020,

There would be zero chocolate at all being plenty,

You sat there and screamed and screamed,

They were using to much coco beans!


So my message to you,

Is simple to do,

Don't waste chocolate,

and chocolate wont waste you!


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