Opposites Attract ~Harry Styles Fanfiction~

I rolled my eyes. "That's all I ever am to you."

"Not true!" He exclaimed. He placed his hands on my hips and closed the distance between us as he leaned on my door and me slightly on top of him. My breathing hitched and my lips were parted open. I truly didn't know how to react to this. Should I slap him? He brought his lips down to my ears and I felt his hot breath giving me goosebumps up and down my bare arms. "You're hot too..." He placed his always pink lips against my cheek oh so delicately. "But that's all you're getting from me. Unless you can show me that you're sexy too..."


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV


"So um, maybe", she inched closer, her eyes falling to my lips as I felt her push up on me even though she was already sitting on my lap, "you can come over after school and we can," her scratchy voice now replaced with a hushed whisper, "just play." Her fingers playing with the hem of my shirt as my eyes bored into hers. My hands tightened around her waist and I smirked at her as that was my answer. My head jerked to the right because of a noise that caught my attention. Towel girl was on the floor picking up her books. I looked away annoyed because her presence reminded me of why I couldn't go to Amber's house.

"Actually, I can't." I sighed looking at her. The lust in her eyes completely disintegrated as soon as the words left my lips. I avoided her eyes now and in a way, pushed her off and walked off passing towel girl along the way. She was kneeling on the ground still just taking her time, picking up her things. I laughed to myself noticing her shoes. It wasn't her style. She wore sneakers, vans, converse, and maybe on a good day, flats. But never those. She's probably trying to impress me.


Mackenzie's POV

Harry passed right next to me just ignoring the fact that I literally all my stuff sprawled on the ground. I knew these shoes were too overrated for me. I got my stuff together and stood up carefully gaining balance again. I heard giggles to the side of me.

"Mackenzie finally decided to update her wardrobe?" Amber mocked clapping making me walk faster no matter how much pain its causing me. These are demon shoes.

"I have somewhere to go after school." I murdered at her remark truthfully. I was honestly going to go outside with Marley after school to some place. She texted me in the morning to wear something nice. I hated wearing these kind of clothes. I never knew what to put together and what colour go good together. I wasn't like Marley. I had no taste. I kept taking bathroom breaks in my class just to get away from my paranoia of people staring at me. I was lucky enough that this hallway was practically empty. The only people that decided to be here while I was purposely being late to my dad's class was Harry and Amber. When I tried to walk past them without interrupting their little moment, I tripped over my shoes. Wonderful, right?

"Aw, you have a life?"

I ignored her and quickly sped to the bathroom. The bathroom was fortunately empty and I raced to the mirror to observe myself. It was the wrong jeans, wasn't it? Why is everything I do always wrong? I knew I should've checked with Marley. But she said I looked great? She could've been lying. She probably was. Was my makeup off? I mean, I only put on eye liner. That's more makeup I put on than usual.

Mr. Blake's POV

"Just have a seat, Harold."

"That's not my name." He growled at me disrespectfully. I glared at him and he glared back. I turned around to scribble things down.

"Mackenzie, read your notes from last time." I announced still facing the board waiting for my daughter's perfect notes to be said out loud. When I heard silence, I repeated it again only to be answered by giggles from the class. I turned around to see the seat she usually sits in to be empty. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as to why she's not here. She's never late and God forbid she ditched. "Marley, where's Mackenzie?"

"I don't know Mr. Blake. I was just wondering that."

"Behave until I get back." I told my class. I walked out to the hallway and went to the girl's bathroom knowing she'd probably be in there. I haven't seen her all day as well. I stood outside the door and called her name.



"Come here." I told. She slowly walked out guiltily and I peered at her outfit. It was a new look but it was perfectly appropriate. "You look great."

"I don't feel like it." She crossed her arms upset.

I squinted my eyes befuddled. "Wait, is that why you're in here?"

"Pft, what? No! I um needed to use the bathroom?" She lied. I laughed at her attempt. I'm her father and she still expects me not to know when she lies. I raised my eyebrows at her and she sighed and gave up. "Alright, alright. Dad, be honest. Is this a good look on me?"

I cleared my throat. "I personally think your usual is kind of better but this look is nice too?" I stuttered making her assume the opposite of my answer. But she did look beautiful.

"Dad." She said again wanting the absolute truth. But I was giving it to her! "I mean is the outfit too revealing, do the colours match?"

"Oh definitely not." I smiled. She frowned in return. "OH I MEAN NO FOR THE REVEALING. THE COLOURS LOOK GREAT!"

"You promise?"

"Yes. Now let's go to class?" We walked down the hallway together and the way she Mackenzie was standing showed that she gained a tad bit of confidence even though I wanted her to be full on.

"Dad, how'd you know I was in there?" She broke the silence once we were outside of my classroom.

"I actually didn't. I looked up and down the hallways when I asked you to read out your notes and didn't get an answer." I explained laughing. She giggled that same giggle ever since she could laugh. It would reach her eyes and they'd light up. "Now go and get your notes out." I smiled at her. She walked into the classroom with me following.

Mackenzie's POV

I sat down on my seat with every eye in the room following. I took out my notes and before I could read them out loud, Marley's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"You look great, Kenz. Stop worrying." She whispered.


just a filler : ) mackenzie's so insecure just ugh and then theres harry being a dick like stahp


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