You Bring me down like Gravity.

This poem is a true story, actually about me and what I go through. What bullies do and how they make you feel, also about how Depression makes you feel and other internal problems you may be facing... Hope you Enjoy.

This is an original wrote be myself. :) x


1. You Bring me down like Gravity.

You've ruined my felicity,

played with my emotions,

Stolen my self-confidence,

bottled it up, and threw it at me.


Used to be incandescent,

now just a lonely soul.

A plethora of insecurities,

all packed into a single cold body.


Self-Harm could be a choice,

is that something you'd desire?

Or if I sacrificed myself,

I just get sick and tired...

...of everything around me,

bringing me down like gravity.


Insecurities are growing rapidly,

as tears cascade down my face like a waterfall.

Lock myself in my room, feeling like a disappointment.

What have I done? ... "a lot."


The feeling is ineffable, I can't speak.

My palms become sweaty, knees become weak.

A lump appears in my throat, 

the feeling of depress.


"Nothing can calm me down." I think to myself.

I started to sing, mellifluous lyrics flowing out of my pipes,

like smoke out of a cigar.

It doesn't cure me fully but...

Music abandons those grimace-like feelings for a short while.










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