I'm Done

If I disappear no one will notice. What will happen if I die? Nothing. Because no one will care. Even if they do, they will feel relief that i'm gone. No one will ever save me if I jump off a cliff or try to commit suicide.... and i'm done with it all! Why should I be alive if no one wants me? I shouldn't and I won't starting in three...two.......one!


1. Introducing...


Alex: Her life is screwed up. She is an only child with an abusive, divorced, widowed mother who is mentally ill. Everybody hates her at school. She has tattoos and cuts everywhere (self-made). she has had nobody save her and is about to commit suicide. 

Niall:Forgotten. Bullied. Barely noticed. Really smart, kind, and shy. Has no friends and never talks. Really loves singing, playing the guitar, and reading.

Harry: Always tired. Plays football (soccer), loves music and is very energetic. . Very kind, funny, has a few friends and is a little bit emo. He has a lot of tats and cuts ( self made)

 Louis: Popular, never has a problem, always has a girlfriend. A bit of a player. Really funny,plays football (soccer again), hates love. A bully.

Liam: Always depressed. Never happy. He is shy, quiet, a bit of a nerd. He's used to being bullied daily (same as Alex).

Linda: Alex's mom. A mess. Divorced twice, widowed 3 times. Into murdering and abusing her daughter. Loves getting drunk and wasted.

Delaney: A cheerleader that makes everybody feel insecure. A Bully. Hangs out with Louis. Very self-centered  


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