I Just Want To See The Stars With You . .

Matthew, the town's most popular boy falls for the towns 'loser' Hayley. He believed that she'd fall head over heels in love with him when he told her, he couldn't be more wrong.
She's scared that he's joking around with her and it'll end up as a prank which ends in her humiliation. She couldn't be more wrong.


1. Hayley.

Hayley walked where her feet where taking her. The strap of her white bag tangled with her messy ginger hair. Her pale blue orbs that looked as cold as ice were looking at the fresh snow on the floor under her feet. She'd be able to hear the crunching on her shoes on the snow if her ears if her earphones weren't in them. The music in her ears helped her get through the day and was one of the only things that kept her going.

             "Don't give it up just yet, stay grand for one more minute..."

The lyrics gave her comfort and made her strong, she used the words, the meaning to drown out the rest of the world, the horror that awaited for her, the horror that lurked around the corners for her when she took out her earphones. She knew what was awaiting when she arrived her destination, another day of the horror people call school. Another day of people teasing her, and another day of feeling alone and unloved. She couldn't wait to leave that hell, but until then she just had to ignore everyone and keep holding on. Because she knew one day it would get better, it had to.

             "The pain, it's determined and demanding to ache..."

The first step was always the worse, it was like she felt all the pain of what was coming all at once and she knew that their was no turning back. No escaping her fate for that day. Removing the music from her ears her world turned to a muffled of people's conversations. People around her smiling and talking to their friends. But she didn't have that, any of it. She had no one to talk to, no one to be friends with. Slowly walking down the halls to her first class, her feet dragging across the floor. She didn't have the energy or confidence to pick them up. To walk proudly down the halls was something she'd never experienced before and she longed that feeling. She pushed on the door to her Languages classroom and the whole room went silent. All eyes were on her, only for a moment before they went back to their earlier conversations. She wasn't worth their time or energy and in some ways she liked it that way. She averted her ice blue orbs to her seat at the back, no one was sat anywhere near to her table. Slowly walking over to the seat she was preparing for the worst - someone to trip her up or shout something at her. And that's exactly what someone did, she had almost reached the safety of her desk when someone put their foot in the way. She almost tripped over but regained her balance quickly, fastening her pace and settling into her seat. 

Hayley looked over to the front before placing an eye-phone back into her ear. Something was different, she felt like someone was watching her. And she was right. One of the more popular guys had his eyes locked on her. Matthew. His eyes were soft and warm, exactly the opposite of Hayley's. He kept his gaze on her for a minute or two before one of his friends spoke to him. Hayley swore she saw him smile in her direction, but it could have easily been something his friends said. Nevertheless, she'd never really seen his smile like that before. The deep dimples on his cheeks made her heart melt and she didn't know why. They weren't that cute.

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