I Will Come Back To You

The amazing series Noughts and Crosses has become a reality. What will happen when popstar Niall Horan is caught in the thick of it?


1. The Party

Niall's P.O.V:

Today was a slow day. The lads and I did some rehersals, browsed around, had a chill day. We got invited to a party this evening, some model dying to meet us so we said we'd tag along to be polite. Anyway, just having a coffee in some cafe with the boys right now.

"We're gonna have fun tonight lads!" Louis chimed. (He's had too much caffiene).

Usually, a statement like that would make me laugh. For the past few weeks though, I've been sort of meh. Somethings missing in my life but I just can't place my finger on it.

"Eleanor?" Liam reminded Louis.

"Yes, I know. It was a joke, lighten up Louis."

"You mean Liam?" Way too much caffiene.

"You alright Ni?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah." I sighed. There was no reason for me to be glum.

"You know you can tell me, right?" He persisted.

"Let's just enjoy this party."


~~the party~~


As soon as we entered, flashing lights blinded us and music boomed in our ear drums. It was more like a night club. Immediatly Harry was whisked away by a couple of girls. Zayn and Liam took it upon themselves to look after Louis (he thought he was on stage). That left me to sit in the corner and drown away my sorrows.

A couple of hours past and no-one felt like leaving yet. Why am I being like this? I love my job. I love my family and my friends. My life is perfect. There is absolutely no reason for me to feel this way.

Suddenly, my life changed forever. I heard a window smash. People screaming. A pain seering through the back of my head and I drowned in a pool of darkness.

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