This is just going to be some poems or songs that I've written over the past few months. I'm a very emotional person so some may be a bit dark... But I take my writing very seriously so any feedback good or bad would be great.


1. Until we meet again

The pain courses through my body

Mind weak and hollow at heart

All those months I fell for you

I never thought we'd have to part

My wrist is red with blood

Running down my arm

Bringing color into my life

Looking like thin lines of yarn

I close my eyes tightly

Embracing the dark world

No one is beside me

I have no one left to hold

All I knew was ripped away

Pulled out of my grasping reach 

I was left motionless

Unable of speech

I've tuned out everything around me

I shut out the world

In the end I'm still the same

Helpless little girl

You saved me for awhile

Brought my darkness to the light

But just like that you were gone

And my smile escaped into the night


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