its just something i was writing and thought was good for it


1. all of it (for now)

Alone   Then we heard screaming …….. After 2 seconds it went silent.  Three days before I was going to Jake’s house to watch a movie. We were going to watch insidious 2. I love that movie. Jakes little brother, Matthew, always bugs us when we were about to go for a walk. I got to his house and his mom opened the door. “Hello Mrs. Johnston” I say to her. “Hello Alex, jakes inside dear.” “Thank you Mrs. Johnston” I say as I walk through the door I here Jake yell at me “ALEX”. He comes and embraces me in a hug “ready to watch the movie I just got it” he said to me. I laughed and said yes. Matthew came down and yelled my name “ALEX.” “MATTHEW” I copy him. “What’s up matt” “same as always……. Nothing how about you” “I have nothing up now” “Alex, Daniel’s coming over is that ok” Jake said “sure  he can come were only watching a movie anyway” I said” matt go outside and wait for Daniel” he nodded with his phone in hand I laugh. when Daniel comes we start the movie at 10 and it ends at 12:30. i look over and neither of Daniel and jake aren’t beside me. i get scared when jake pops up behind me i jump up and yell ‘‘JAKE WHAT WAS THAT, WHY DID YOU DO THAT”. all he dose is laugh at me then i smack him. when we finished the movie and Daniel and I went home and i went to bed. the next day when i woke up i heard my brother pete yelling at me to wake up. “ what do you want,pete” “jake called he wants you to meet him at the ...secrete garden?”he says to me. “ pete you can’t know about that” “well whatever i don’t care I'm probably going to forget it” he rolls his eyes “pete get out of my room” i say to him then he leaves. i get dressed and go in to my bathroom. by the time i got out i had 20 texts from jake all saying help me. i grab my skateboard and some tomahawks then skate to the park. I find a dead body there but it wasn't jake it was pete i called the police and then went to jakes house and told him about the death. when i went home i told my mom and dad that he's gone. mom started bawling and dad went upstairs to write him something, i guess the next day i still cant stop thinking about what happened yesterday. what could’ve killed him. A psyco killer , jocks who used to beat him- thats it they killed him but jake was at the park early in the morning with pete......jake he’s a jock who used to beat him up before he knew pete was my brother

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