Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


1. About Dale.


Dale Potter

Age: 15

House: Slythein 

Bestfriends: Fred, George and Hermione!

Your Harry Potters twin sister you are 2 hours older than him!

Boyfriend: Draco Malfoy

*What people think of Me!*

Harry: She is the best sister ever! She is so protective of everyone! She is also soo funny! She'd give the Twins a run for their money! If anyone ever hurts her I'll have their head! I'm always watching Malfoy! *Casts Malfoy the evil eye*

Ron: Dale? She's sooo hot! I would've asked her out but Draco beat me to it! Plus I would never do that to Harry! He's kind of scary when it comes to her.

Hermione: She is the best friend ever! We are so much alike! She's not as smart as me, but then again, is anyone? We do basically everything together. Unless she's trying to beat Fred and George at their own game! Or with Malfoy I accept that they are together.

Draco: BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER she’s smart, funny, and talented and even though she is a half-blood she acts like a pure blood. I love her to bits

Fred:  She's the best girl anyone could ever ask for!

George: Dale is awesome! She is so funny! I love competing with her in pranks! she's more of a sister to me! I'm almost as protective as Harry. *looks at Harry glaring at Malfoy*Then again, maybe not.

Ginny: She's Harry's sister! Of course I like her! We aren't the best of friends but we're getting there! She’s so nice. She talks to Harry for me. You know gets a good word in here and there! :) but I hate she that she’s dating Malfoy

*Teachers and Adults*

Prof. Dumbledore: She’s a very good student, almost as bad as the Weasley Twins though!

Prof. McGonagall: She’s not a very smart student but she works very hard!

Prof. Snape: She's a good student! *mumbles* Very beautiful! Looks exactly like her mother Lily...

Lucius Malfoy: She is a very beautiful girl. Not that I would try anything on. Draco loves her and so do I she’s like a daughter to me.

Voldemort: I want her to be a death eater. She could be handy as she is very powerful!

My personality: funny and a troublemaker! All the boys want you! Lucky for Draco he got in first! Your not very bright when it comes to none magical things and muggle learning but your extremely powerful and dangerous!

My best spells: Reducto and Expecto Patronum

My best classes: Potions, Transfiguration and Defence against the Dark Arts.

Patronus: Wolf

Pet: A cat named Whyspa and an Owl named Dawn

Bogget: Dying



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