Dumbledore's Apprentice The First Year (COMPLETE)

Alisha Moonglow is a 12 year old girl, tortured by some cruel force of nature, but when Albus Dumbledore rescues her from the lips of a Dementor she learns she has gifts, gifts that will open doors she never knew were closed, gifts that will earn her a place in Hogwart School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This will be updated every Monday.

This is finito but I will be posting sneak peeks, diary entries, quizzes and fun stuff like that!


1. White Light

This is probably the worst movella in the history of movellas, but i wanted to write it...


The Dementor drew ever closer to the corner and removed his hood. The small girl screamed, it loomed over her ominously ready to suck out the happy memories she had. This was it . She could already feel the memories drifting away from her, it hurt like nothing she'd ever experienced, nothing she'd ever experience. Suddenly two strong hands lifted her out of the darkness into daylight and Alisha Moonglow fell asleep.


When she awoke, Alisha was scared. The room she was in was white and even though white was Alisha's favourite colour, she could only think of the white that she feared, the mean man's hair, the monster's skin, the cruel witch's favourite spell. She let a scream escape her lips. But then Alisha felt warm. She closed her eyes and laughed. An old man entered the room, his long, wispy beard tickling his waist. On his slightly twisted nose he wore a pair of gold-rimmed half moon glasses.

"Ah I see you are awake, Miss Moonglow." Alisha blinked her lush green eyes and spoke in her voice that should have matured in the last six years, but still sounded like she was six.

"Hello, where am I?" 

"Hogwarts." Alisha nodded, her auburn ringlets shaking.

"Voldemort came here once." The man's eyebrows furrowed, but he looked once more at the girl's angelic face and his face relaxed.

"Indeed he did, please come this way Alisha." he held out his sinewy hand, the girl took it and followed the man through to a massive hall and joined her at the front of the queue. She blinked and turned to the others behind her.

"My name's Alisha Moonglow, I am 12 years old and I am in Hogwarts." The other children smiled, this girl was cute. 


The teacher with the bun began to call out names. Alisha watched the boy with the glasses and scruffy hair, the girl with bushy hair who talked too much and the ginger boy who she hadn't sussed out, get sorted into Gryffindor and the boy with the blonde, gelled hair and his cronies get sorted into Slytherin. When everyone else had been sorted, the teacher with the bun looked up at Alisha, who was left standing alone in the middle of the hall.

"I see we have a spare." The old man got up and whispered in her ear. Everyone stared at Alisha, she waved to them and they all giggled. The greasy haired teacher stared at the boy with the glasses, who was itching his forehead. The teacher with the bun smiled and beckoned to Alisha. She placed a grotty, patched hat on her ginger head.

"Ah, what do we have here?" The hat squeaked.

"Oh hello, my name is Alisha Moonglow and I'm 12 years old and I'm at Hogwarts." The rest of the school heard the hat chuckle.

"Well Miss Moonglow, I'd love to carry on talking to you, but I'd better put you in - GRYFINDOR!" Alisha stood up and cartwheeled to the end table. The whole school erupted into clapping as Alisha placed herself daintily next to the girl who looked like another girl who was at the blue table. 

"Hi I'm Parvati Patil." The girl smiled welcomingly.

"Hello Parvati, what's for dinner, I'm STARVING!"

"Oh, I don't know." Alisha looked at the table.

"Ooh, you are a pretty table aren't you? Could I have some food please, I don't mind what I'm not fussy!" Alisha's plate suddenly filled up with all sorts of delicious food.

"Oh thank you, you are a clever table aren't you! These are my favourites!" She said before tucking into her first mouthful. The girl who talked too much crinkled her nose and said.

"You do know tables can't talk, don't you."

"Well they can certainly listen." Alisha replied. Then she looked over her shoulder, someone was calling her name. The boy with the blonde, gelled hair sitting at the green table threw her a note, but sadly he wasn't a very good thrower and it landed in the bowl of boiling soup in front of her instead. 


"Prefects, please lead the first years to their common rooms, I'm sure the rest of you know your own way by now!" A boy who looked like the boy who Alisha hadn't sussed out, stood up.

"First year Gryffindors, follow me." He boomed. Alisha rushed to his side and began chatting to him enthusiastically. When she reached the dormitory, Alisha dived into her bed. The girl who talked too much sighed and said,

"You do know you're still fully clothed."

"Yes I do!" Alisha replied before falling fast asleep.




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