Horse School

The story is about a girl, who is going to a boarding school and she is bringing her horse, Storm with her. The girl is called Juno, and she has a bigger sister, that had been there the year before, and older brother, at the boy's part of the huge school. Read to find out about Juno's adventures at her new boarding school.


1. Settling in

“Mom, I’ll be fine!” I told her “I know you will be, but you are just so far away from home,” She told me for the millionth time. “We’re here,” dad said as he pulled into Harrison Heights Academy driveway, one of the top boarding schools in the country. Dad pulled into the parking lot. I could here my horse in the trailer. I’m not sure if I was more excited or if he was. It was a long drive from my little hometown of Willow Creek, Montana to Harrison, Virginia. The longest part of the whole trip was sitting between my older brother, Joe and my older sister, Kristy. I was the lucky one who got to sit between them the whole trip. This was my first year at Harrison. Joe was a junior this year. Kristy is a freshman. I’m going into sixth grade. I was so excited when I found out my horse, Storm and I, were accepted. I am sad leaving Willow Creek, and my horse, Sundance. I am excited, though, to get a chance to be a professional jumper, Annie Parker. “Kristy, can you show your sister how to get to the stable?” mom asked. “Joe knows how to get there,” Kristy replied “Kristy,” mom warned. “Fine, come on Juno.”

There were a bunch of trailers, horses and people. I was worried about Storm. He had been wild and still had the instincts. Storm was caught from the wild when he was six months old. I was there that day. He was fighting more than any adult I’d ever seen. Mom works with rescues, so I knew what to do. Everyone said he was too wild to trust anyone and they would have to kill him. I would sneak out at night to see him, to train him. He trusted me and I trusted him. I had named him for what was in both of our hearts. A thunderstorm. The day a man came to put him down. Storm reared up and looked as though he might crush the man. I pushed through everyone and screamed his name. He stopped and all eyes were on me. I ran over to him, ignoring everyone screaming at me to stop. I put his halter on him and lead him back to the barn. Mr. Olsen, who had Storm, told me I could keep him. That was on the 3rd of May and now it is the 28th of August and we had made it this far together.

“Juno are you going to get this thing out of the trailer or not?” Kristy asked sounding so annoyed. The best part was that she was so mad and I didn’t do anything! “Yes I am,” I said as I made my way to the trailer as slow as I could to make her even madder. “Well hurry up, I want to get there before school starts,” she said and with that she stomped away. I got Storm out of the trailer with flared nostrils and pricked ears. I prayed he wouldn’t bolt. That was the last thing I needed right now. “Come on Juno!” Kristy yelled pulling Storm, Comanche, Her horse and me behind her. I have to admit she was really strong. I’m glad Kristy was pulling me, because I would have looked like a total idiot standing there with my mouth open. The campus was stunning. It looked like the grass was fake, the sidewalk was polished, and there wasn’t a speck of dirt to be seen. As we got closer to the stable I saw how stunning it truly was. Kristy had told me about it and I’d seen pictures, but this was amazing. This made our home barn look like a shack. Even the high quality Wild Mustang Rescue didn’t compare to this. The polished stone building, the gleaming wood doors, and the huge stalls.

The stable its self was a long building with the main doors in the middle. Across the aisle was a huge indoor arena. There were many doors leading to tack rooms. Students and horses were walking up and down the isles. I started walking down the side of the stable that Kristy directed me to go down. She was currently giggling with her friends at the other end of the stable. As I passed the indoor arena, I saw some seventh graders practicing. They were a thousand times better than me. I stood there and watched them. How they clicked with their horses. Their perfect seat. The talent hidden under their helmets. I tore myself away from the arena and started walking towards Storm’s stall. As I walked down the isle I saw other horses. As I passed I read the nameplates: Griffin, Chex and Sand-King. The horse in the next stall was a beautiful black Hanoverian. In the stall was a pretty girl. She seemed about my age, and looked busy taking care of her horse.

 “Hi,” I said. The girl looked up and smiled at me. “Hey, I’m Sara,” she said. “I’m Juno. I’m in sixth grade. How about you?” I asked her “Same” she replied. “Who is this gorgeous boy?” I asked, scratching the horse’s forehead. “This is Jack,” Sara said as she patted his neck. “Who is this handsome boy then?” “This is my stallion, Storm” I replied. “He’s a stallion?! Wow he sure doesn’t act like it.” “Yeah he’s a good boy sometimes. I guess that is why he is also down here,” I said looking around at the other stalls. “Yeah, same with Jack,” She said as she left his stall. Wow, he is so calm,” I said as I looked at him sleeping in the corner. “Thanks he is a great boy.” “What breed is he?” I asked. “He is an Hanoverian,” Sara said as she looked in the stall at him. “What breed is Storm?” “He is a mustang,” I replied as I looked at his form and conformation. “What do you do with him?” She asked almost upset by that. “We have just started jumping,” I said a little meaner than I planned. “Well mustangs can’t jump everyone knows that.” “I have ridden lots of mustangs that were amazing jumpers,” I was starting to get annoyed. “Well I’m going to practice right now so why don’t you prove it? Some of the other riders are going too,” she said almost exactly on the time three girls with Griffon, Chex and Sand-King appeared.

“Hey,” they all said together. “I’m Hannah,” said the girl who was holding Griffon. “I’m Alicia,” said the girl holding Sand-King. “I’m Jessica but call me Jess,” said the girl holding Chex. I looked at Storm. He was looking at the other horses and then he looked at me. He had this look in his eyes like he could do it. Mom would kill me if she found out I did it. “No, I’m not getting in trouble just because you all are going to show off. Storm and I will have our moment and make you all look stupid in the arena,” I said. With that, I turned around and walked with Storm down to his stall.

His stall was larger than his old stalls. In the back was a door leading to a small paddock. When I went to open it I saw Jack there and Sara was on the fence watching him. Knowing Storm and Jack would get along I opened the door and let Storm out. Sara looked at me as I walked to the fence. The horses ran to each other, sniffed muzzles, then Jack turned and galloped off with Storm at his heels. “Weren’t you going to ride,” I asked once I was seated on the fence. “I was but then I thought about what you said and realized you were right,” she said not taking her eyes off the horses. “Hannah, Alicia and Jess can get in trouble. It’s not worth showing off now when I can in the arena with Coach watching.” “Your right it’s not. So completely leaving that topic, what dorm are you in?” I said looking at her. “Sandger. It’s one of the oldest dorms. There are only like ten girls in there, and three of them are 7th graders, the rest are 6th graders,” She said. “How about you?” “Same I’m in room number 6,” as I said that she looked at me. “Really? That’s my room!” “Sweet!”

“So you jump?” Sara asked as she watched Storm move. “Yeah I just started. Why do you ask?” I asked. “You look like a hunter and he looks like a cross-country-horse,” She said. “I used to do hunters and that is a breed thing for he,” I said as I watched Jack. “You do dressage?” “Yeah how did you know?” She asked surprised. “His conformation screams dressage and so do you,” I said. “Thanks. Just a heads up. I heard Hannah and the crew saying there was no way you were a real jumper. Hannah seemed to like you and Storm until I said Storm was a mustang,” She said looking at me sideways. “Don’t worry, most people say that until they see him move,” I said watching my gorgeous stallion galloping beside Jack. “I thought that too until I saw him move out here,” She said looking at him grazing along side Jack.

As I opened my mouth to speak my phone went off. Where are you? We were going to meet up to get you settled in. “That was my mom. She wants to me to go and help her settle me in,” I said looking at Sara. “Same here. Ready to go and get settled into our new home?” Sara asked. At that time I wasn’t really sure of my answer. Was I ready to leave home and become a rider or would I have to go home before school started? I made up my mind. I was ready.

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