"Remember when we were little, we used to always walk down this road? We only did when we ever wanted to be alone," he said.
"Yeah. So much has changed since then."
"I miss that feeling."
"So do I."
Sydney Edwards never wanted to fall in love. She always believed that a relationship could slow her down, not being able to spend enough time with her friends. But that was 5 years ago, when she was 13. Now, she only has one last summer before she goes to a 4-year college school without coming home.
When she arrives at her family's lake house for the first time in 5 years, she begins to hang out with her long loss friends. But she realizes...her best friend Niall has gotten 5 years cuter. The best friend she's been looking for her whole life has finally turned to her...the one she left behind.


1. Chapter One

Going to Wisconsin is a joke, from what i used to think. 

There's never anything to see there. Just a bunch of open fields, let alone nothing to do. I used to always be so bored when we would go up there every summer, in Island City. We never did anything fun. All we did was watch the lake. We never went tubing or any of that. Well, at least me and my friends did. I spent every minute of everyday, every summer with them.

I haven't been to Wisconsin for 5 years. I was happy at first, but now I miss it. I miss walking with friends to the ice cream shop, sitting there for hours on a hot day. I miss the warm summer nights, swimming in the lake after dark with my friends.

Then again, they live in Wisconsin all year long. I only come for the summer. 

I live in Minnesota. Much more boring. 

I had been thinking about it the day I heard we were going back there, my parents, my younger sister Ariana and I. I couldn't wait to chill in my swimsuit all day, feeling that slight sting of a sunburn. I wanted to make the best of it before I go off to college, which is very soon. My summer was cut short this year.

"Syd!" I heard Ariana yell as she slammed the screen door behind her.


"Want to go out for ice cream? Mom said we could go. I just got to get some money."

"Mom's trusting you with money? You're only 10!" I laughed.

"Haha, so funny. Seriously, though. Lets go!"

"Ok." I through a t-shirt over my fuscia bikini, slipped into my sandy flip flops and ran out the door. 

Today was my first day back at the lake. First of many. 

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