Death Call

I'm Natalia or Talia for short. This is the story about me, my brother Nick Groff (Yes from Ghost Adventures) And his team Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin. We're in a lockdown over in the Winechester mansion. I have a death call, it's where i can see and feel ghosts more that the average person, predict when someone/something is gonna die, and warnings of something dangerous is gonna occur. That's me! this is what I look like (


1. When it all falls into place.


                   Talia's P.O.V

"Talia!" Zak shouts as I open a door to a 10 foot drop. Zak quickly wrap his arm around me to prevent me from falling. He pulled me back into the house. "This place is messed up. They really need to put up signs, someone can die from falling down an elevator shaft or that 10 foot drop. 1 step and their a goner." I say as I cling on to Zak's arm. "Then that wouldn't be very fun now would it?" "No, I suppose not." "And to think, that we were in Los Vegas this morning." "And  the door that supposedly 'slipped' out of Aaron's arms" "He, he that was pretty funny." "We're off track guys, we have to find Sarah." "Pfft... I knew that." I let go of Zak and head towards the stairs were I slipped and slid down the whole way. Zak and Aaron ran down to me, and of course Nick stays at the top of the stairs. "Nice." "That's the new way to go down the stairs.You should try it and have some fun. You're such a party pooper. Pooping on everyone's party" I said sarcastically. "What? Who was the one who threw an awesome party last week?" "Who was the one who got in trouble by their wife?" "Excuse me?" "Love ya!" Zak helped me up. I tried standing but I twisted my ankle."Oww!" "Are you okay?" "I don't know, but I know that my ankle really hurts" I was supporting some of my body weight on Zak.

                            Keira's P.O.V (A/N Keira is a ghost haunting the house)

     I pushed Talia down the stairs so Zak would help her up and show his soft side to Talia. Although I feel really bad about the whole situation let alone hurting some one. I'm not that kind of girl...err...ghost. But one way or another i got to get these guys together! They'd make a great team and the would make a hot couple.

                             Talia"S P.O.V

    "Why does the universe hate me?!" "It's probably jealous because you have good looks." Zak quickly clasped his hand over his mouth. "You really think I'm pretty?" "Beautiful." He pulled me into a hug. Then I heard someone shout Zak's name "Zak! There you are! Who's that?" She pointed at me. "A close friend" "ohh." She pulled Zak to a different room. "Going down!" I thudded on the ground. "are you okay?" "I'm fine." I got up finally able to stand on my own two feet. I looked around  being curious. When I saw Zak and his friend...Kissing. I put my hand over my mouth, crying I ran away. I ran down the stairs, "Talia! Wait!" I ran outside and turned around. "You lying son of a----. I trusted you! But You just lied to me right through your teeth!" I ran further out into the field. and sat under a tree. I was there for a good 30 minutes, until I fell asleep. I then woke up in someone's arms. "She's awake." I was in Zak's arms. "Let go of me!" I tried prying his grip off of me, no success. He dropped me, and I took off but I ran into Nick and Aaron. "Talia, why are you like this?"  "He lied to me! And it really hurt!" "Talia, you got the wrong picture. She was drunk, she thought we were still together." "Wait... you're not dating?" "Not anymore. I broke up with her cause she was like the overly attached girlfriend of this picture, and I met you. I didn't want her to come in between us." Nick and Aaron got the clue and left the room. "And I was wondering if..., you'd go... out with me?" "Sure."

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