based on the song red


1. loving him was like driving a new masarati down a dead end street.

my name is belle. the first thing you probably thought of when you heard my name was "beauty and the beast" but the funny thing about it is i look like the character melody from the little mermaid 2. i have long dark black hair, hazel eyes, short body and im small.  i live with my dad sam and my mom melinda. we live in ravenswood pa and we own a small 4 bedroom ranch house. when i was little i discovered that i had a special gift, i could talk and see spirits. They come to me for advice and ask me for help too move on. my mom has the same ability since it goes to every single girl in our family. my dad loves my mum no matter what ability she has...they actually support me and they help me when im scared. my mom always tells me that im special and normal even with our gift. but everything feels different now, somethings off in this town...theres someone here thats changing the elements...but it feels good...theres a tingling in my fingers and my toes...maybe i should ask my mum...she'll know...but let me tell you alittle more about me...i first noticed my special ability when i was mum caught me talking to an old man that she told me a couple years later was my grandfather...his name is tom. he would always sing me alittle song at night to make me feel better at night and it wouldnt scare me because i didnt know between a real ghost and a real human being at the of course i knew my friends and family were real but i didnt know that ghosts existed and that they were real. anyways i love to read about history and art. its my favorite thing to do when im all alone. my mum works at a shop in towns square and my dad is a mechanic so i get alot of time to myself...i dont really have any friends myself either....everyone thinks im weird because one of my old friends was haunting me as a kid...she died when we were little from was a really sad time. i dont really remember it much though since i was so young. but i want to tell you about the time i met oliver...hes just like me and hes really nice, handsome, and honest. sometimes i wonder if hes just acting or if hes being real. but its whatever i guess i just wonder what he's all about!

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