Hidden letters *complete*

Some things are not meant to be discovered. And the letters Adele found are one of these things.


1. Chapter One

I looked at my bedroom a last time, feeling lightly sad, before walking out and closing the door. Today was the beginning of something new: I was leaving my parents and my hometown to go to London. I had packed all my stuff up and they already were arrived there, in my new flat; only I was missing there. I walked down the stairs and entered into the kitchen, where I found my mother cooking and listening to music. She had turned the music so loud she didn’t notice I was there. I knew I should turn the sound off but I liked watching my mum trying to dance while listening to her music. Though it had been years since her favourite band stopped playing new songs, she kept listening to their old albums.

I waited for the song to end to cough loud enough for her to turn around and see me. She smiled at me, embarrassed, and pressed the button ‘stop’.

“How are you, love? Sit down and have something to eat!” she told me, pushing me toward the nearest chair.

I sat down as she went to look for something in the fridge. Then she put a piece of cheesecake in a plate and handed it to me.

“Yum-yum! Cheesecake!” I exclaimed before starting to eat it. My mum laughed gently.

“Why are you still listening to that band, mum? How is it called already? None Directors or something like that, isn’t it?” I asked her a while later. She burst out laughing though I didn’t think I had said the funniest thing ever. I stared at her wonderingly, waiting for her to calm down.

“This band is called One Direction. And I listened to whatever I want to,” she giggled.

“You’re wrong, it WAS called like that but it ain’t any more, mum.” I stood up and went to put my plate in the sink.

“That’s not funny, love. I still love this band and you know this perfectly,” she pretended to pout. I walked toward her and gave her a hug. “I know, mum, I know. I’m just teasing,” I muttered as she held me close tightly.

“I’m gonna miss you so much, Adele,” she whispered, resting her head on my shoulder.

“I’m gonna miss you more. But I’ll call you every day.” I pulled away and looked at her; I saw tears had started to form in her eyes. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out of the room to head to the garage.

“Hello dad!” I shouted as I got into the room. He looked up at me and smiled widely.

“Hello, sweetie! How are you?”

“I feel excited! What about you?” I asked him, moving closer to where he was standing.

“I’m fine, thanks! So are you ready?” A gentle smile appeared on his face as he talked but I saw it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Don’t be sad, daddy! I’m not going that far; I stay in England, don’t worry.” I hugged him.

“You’re right,” he sighed, “But promise me you will come to see us often,” he begged me.

“I promise.” I smiled at him and walked away to look at the shelves.

“Daddy, do you have something to hang pictures or frames on walls? If you do, can I have some to take to London?” I changed the subject.

“Yes, I might have something. Search there. I’m going to the kitchen to see your mother,” he said before leaving the garage.

I took a stool and began searching in the clutter that was lying on the shelves. I noticed a transparent box full with all kind of ties which was at the far end of the shelf. I stretched my arm out and grabbed it. But as I moved it closer toward me, I knocked a small box with my elbow, making it fall on the floor.

I got off the stool and kneeled down to pick the box up. Because of the fall, it had opened and his contents was now scattered on the ground. Many letters had got out of the box so I took them to put them back into it but I froze. I examined the letters and noticed they all were addressed to my mother. But all of them were sealed up. Mum never read them?

“Everything’s alright, Adele? I heard something fall!” I heard my father shout.

I quickly stood up, hiding the letter in my back. “It’s nothing! Everything’s alright!” I exclaimed, looking up at him as he was standing in the door-frame. He nodded and walked back to the kitchen. I held the letters in front of my face, wondering why those letters were hidden and who might have written them.

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