Love of the Musical Kind

Finchel, Klaine and Quoe pairings.


1. A Simple Task

-Rachel's POV-


Our assignemt this week in Glee club, was a difficult one. It's Valentine's Day in three days and, sticking to the theme, are singing love songs. And we must choose a song, ballad if you prefer, to sing to someone special to us. For most people that'll be their boyfriend or girlfriend, but for the ones that don't have those relationships they'll have to choose someone else significant.

But that's not why I find it hard. I find it hard because I can't possibly sum up my love for someone in just one song and fit all the emotion into that. And most people don't understand that. But I hope Finn will. He has too.

When Mr Shuester announced the assignment, the usual cheers erupted and the buzzing chit-chat began as people discussed what they were going to do, what song to sing and who to sing it to. I stayed quiet.

Finn was turned away, talking to Joe about his song for Quinn. I hadn't heard Finn say anything about his choice, maybe he was the same as me. That would be ideal.

While everyone else was thinking about what song to sing, I was thinking about if there was a different way for me to do this assignment without having to pick a song.

Something unique and that could truly show how I feel...

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