i love you <3

alex helxer Is in love but nobody knows she is going into a new school year and she already has a crush?! her crush is nick owens he is the cutest ever she says will alex and nick be in love lets find out........


1. day # 1

day # 1 I was with my friends he walked past me omg omg  I said to my friends my friend Julia told me to get back to real life and to snap out of it. we walked to our first period class which was math we all liked it but the problem was all the drama of course destiny Roberts said that taylor which is my other friend. had wore that shirt Monday. we just didn't care taylor sat next to kayla which is so nice ! I sat next to Robbie he is umm nvm.. Julia sat next to keagan was one of my best friends. so as the day went so far with my crush and the drama by destiny um not the best day but it could always get better I said to myself. bling!!!!!! the bell rang so we could go to your next period class  mine was gym I didn't wanna go cuz I had that class with nick owens my crush. but I had to so I walked to gym and sat on in my spot ad my only friend in my gym was casandra she was nice and funny. so she said today was soccer I hated It so did nick. so I played on the team man  chester. we lost but I still got a A for playing I made 2 goals but i still hated it. when we were done I went to go get some water. after that I went to all my other periods. (with destiny)

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