Cuts along the wrist | A short one shot

Det her er en lille novelle om en pige, som har lavt selvværd, er påvirket af mediernes syn på hende og de enkle personers syn på hende. Jeg skrev den på engelsk fordi jeg trængte til at skriv andet end på dansk. Håber I kan lide den.

**OBS! Jeg er ikke ude på at støde nogen, jeg vil bare bringe pointen i hvor ondt ord egentlig gør**


2. 1.

Today I got called fat, ugly and stupid. It hurts. It hurts so much. I could not control myself today. It kinda just happened but it felt good. It felt really good. I lighted some candles, putted some music on and started cutting along the wrist.
Among the anger I felt, the tears begin to stream down my cheeks and then in my cuts. I could not control it so I cutted along the arm until I could not find any more space. Man it felt good. The blood ran down my arms as the tears streamed down my ugly face. 

Mum, dad I am so sorry to disappoint you, you are the once who gave me the opportunity to live but I ruined it. I ruined all the things you try to do. The darkness is over me and I do not know what to do. I do not want to live this life any more. 

I looked in the mirror. The only change I saw was the cuts along my left arm and the shard of glass in my hand. I  still saw the fat, worthless, ugly bitch as I always saw. 

Please God, help me! I have no one. I have nothing. No one wants me, not even my parents. Please God, just let me die alone with nothing but my aching soul. Just let me die, no one will notice, I know that. 

Please, I beg of you.


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