Love story

Hi guys my names Emma and this is my first ever movella it's about Niall Horan and Emma Jessica Rose(me) love life hope u enjoy thank u xxx:)


1. Chapter 1

Emma's POV

Come on Emma shouted Daisy from downstairs I wanted to look my best because me and my friends were going to a really formal restraunt tonight because this was the day we all met each other. As I was getting my shoes another voice shouted Emma your holding us all back so I ran downstairs in me pink long and flows dress with my silver high heels on. I saw the girls they all looked absolutely beautiful we all took some pictures of each other and then the taxi finally came to pick us up. All 4 of us got in with me, Gem and Lilly at the back and Daisy at the front we were all so excited when we saw the restraunt it looked AMAZING so we all got out and walked inside. So what we ordering tonight asked Lilly food obviously I giggled and we all laughed and then the waitress came over to us I told her what we all wanted and she told us it will be a second, but from the corner of my eye I spotted a rather tall handsome blonde boy who was staring at me with his gleaming blue eyes he was sitting along with 4 other boys. Niall one of them snapped at him what are you staring at so I found out that his name was Niall he said nothing and just carried on eating shaking his head. Our food finally came and all the time through I just couldn't stop thinking of Niall. At the end when we were all finished and just paying off I said that i needd the loo so I got out of my chair and went to the rest room. When I got out I found the same blonde boy I saw earlier on as I was walking out he said hi so I just said hi back blushing a little and a little confused he followed me back to the dining rooms and he took his table and so I took mine.

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