The brief incounter

This is a prelude to a bigger story i am currently writing.

Yonhar lives in the Underwood far below the ground. He is the son of Turhar which means on his twenty second birthday he will become a priest of the forest. Its every young mans dream apart from him but with his twenty second birthday still far away he as plenty of time to worry about other things.

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1. Like every day

Yonhar sat alone at the edge of the village. This did not surprise him one bit. As most of the people who lived in the village stayed quite happily inside their homes. This wasn't because they were timid people. Its just that most of the people didn't like going outside in the cold. That's what forest always was, cold. Not damp cold, just cold, cold. Like the cold you get on a winters morning, when the suns out and its not windy its just cold. Yonhar's emerald eyes scanned the tree line for any sign of life. No deer had been near the village in years but Yonhar was always hopeful for some chance at adventure . 

It had been his twenty first three days ago. Yet all he had gotten was a long wooden staff from is father. He had asked time and time again for a bow, but due to is fathers influence as forest priest he had got nothing except good wishes, and a free mug of ale. Yonhar mind started to wonder. First it went to his father ,then to is unknown mother ,then to the outside world and finally it landed back where it always went to is longing for adventure. If he had been paying any attention to the trees he might of seen the dark shapes creeping into the village.   

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