I couldn't Believe what I saw in front of my Eyes. It was him! My dreamboy!


1. Hey

I was on my way home from my bestfriends party. I Heard a scream from the Woods. I started to walk over and was on my way in to the Woods when someone took my hand and pushed me to the ground.

" What are you doing?!" I screamed.

" I am sorry but you would get shot if I didnt pull you down." A voice said.

I recognized that voice. But I couldnt remember where I have Heard it Before. 

" Come with me. " The voice said. 

" But I don't know who you are. " I said. 

" If we don't go now maybe he will shoot again. " The voice said. 

" Fine, let's go. " I said. 

He took my hand and started running out of the woods. I was a bit scared. 

" What if this person works with the one who shot at me? What if he is dangerous? " I thought. 

Finally we were out of the woods and I saw who it was. It was Justin Bieber! I wasn't a big fan of him. I liked some of his songs. 

" Wait. " I said. 

" What is it? " Justin said. 

" Why didn't you tell me that you are Justin Bieber? " I said. 

" Because I didn't want you to start fangirling. " He said. 

" Just so you know. I aren't a belieber. I will not fangirl. " I said. 

" Oh.. What is your name? " He said. 

" My name is Nellie. " I said. 

" Nice to meet you Nellie. What do you say should we go home to my place? I don't think we are safe out here. " Justin said. 

" Yeah maybe that is safer. " I said. 


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