Mr. Baku


1. Mr. Baku has replaced my coworker.

Mr. Baku (has replaced my coworker)

Meet cynical salary-man Okamoto Tetsuya, he’s 26 years old and has conditioned himself into accepting a boring, monotonous life… up until he notices his cubicle neighbor has been replaced with the human embodiment of a mythological creature who plans to fight the system and make a dream come true rather than eating them like he’s supposed to—only it’s Tetsuya’s dream!


Intro to Mr. Baku (has replaced my coworker), chapter one: Usurpation of Kanba’s desk.               


Tetsuya’s diary, day 1:


I’ve stated before, but I work at ❏❏❏❏❏ inc.  I work in the Graphic Design department and have for three years now. I’m an average human man and have a sound mind – save for a case of sleep apnea.


I know I only write in here rarely, but this is documentation to say that I’ve found something odd about my workplace.


That’s to say… I think my coworker has been replaced by someone else.. Mr. Mizuguchi Kanba, the editor sharing the other side of the cubile, has been replaced by a dream eater.


As I said, I’m sound in mind, maybe a little cynical, but I know this is reality. No one else seems to notice the change, but I’m sure it’s mutual.


I was drifting off during lunch hour and awoke to starry eyes – a real pair! Literally, no kidding, seriously—everyone else thinks it’s Kanba, but that loud mouth has been replaced by a freak. He’s changed since I saw him this morning, but the intruder—his skin was a patchwork of colors. You know what it reminded me of? A chimera, of sorts. His clothes resembled a galaxy print, up until he changed out of them.


By lunch he returned looking like a studious person; his nose bridge is sharp, good support for the glasses, but they don’t exactly hide the the big bags under his eyes.


When I opened the fridge, it was full of foreign juice boxes –we’re all adults here, no one brings juice boxes in. I know those were his, too. The stranger’s.


Probably the most telling thing of all would be the dreamcatchers – all kinds are hanging from the ceiling at work. I even took one home for investigative purposes.  


Suffice to say, the only conclusion is… we’re dealing with a figure of mythology. I had an interest in the supernatural in high school, even joined the Occult club, but who would seriously believe in that stuff unless they’ve seen it up close and personal?


The next question would be: who is this imposter and where did he come from?


And where’s Kanba?


He still owes me money..


I’ll write again,



..Next time I’ll snap a photo.

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