My version of warrior cats

I absolutely love the Warrior cat series so I decided to make my own version. Really hope you like it!! Xx


1. Intro

There once was a large village in England. A village that homed many legends; legends of mystery, legends of impossibility. Some say they were just rumors or little fairy tales for children. But these legends were real. Real as the clouds in the sky and the grass in the fields. Let’s say, for example, that cats ruled the village. Not making the humans crawl around and eat from bowls but secretly ruling – like a whole new world inside that village. If you or your friend has a cat, then there will be at least once, a question in your head; what adventures does kitty experience once he/she had walked out the cat flap? Well in this village, the cats share one massive adventure that no other cats in the world can share. That’s how special these kitties’ are. Other normal cats in the world go out, check their territory, hunt, have the odd squabble with another cat, go back in, get a little cuddle and sleep. They don’t think much of the other cats in the area unless they’re related. But these cats know each other – and well. Many years ago, the large village had an argument. It ended up quite bad and the village was split into five sections. And so were the cats. All the cats in each section joined up to form an alliance. So as the villagers’ fight died down, the cats’ fight was just starting! The five groups of cats all had names: thunderclan, riverclan, windclan, shadowclan and skyclan – the five clans. Since the beginning of the fight of cats, it had been said that a kitten from one of the clans was to achieve its dream– to stop the fight. The kitten was destined stop the fight and restore peace. All the cats prayed that would happen until, one day, their prayers were finally answered. There was one particular cat who was old and wise and fair, who lived in the village but did not belong to any of the clans. She entered and exited each clan’s territory peacefully. None of the cats minded as she did an important job – being a nanny to all the kittens. Now, you may think that it doesn’t sound important, but it was. Kittens kept the clan generation going; if all the kittens in that clan died, the whole clan would probably die. Anyway the nanny’s name was Fiona wings. She wrote the life story of the kitten who she knew, from the moment of his birth, that he would stop the fight. The legend still lives today, as centuries later, a woman found a chest while digging in her backyard. She broke the lock and opened it up. What did she find? The life story of the kitten that broke the fight. These cats certainly were special if they could read and write! But there is a one in a million chance your cat could read and write – and an even bigger chance if your cat to trusts you enough to show you! Moving on, the woman who found this story did not show anyone but her children. She read them the stories and they read the stories to their children! The stories survived at least four generations. They never changed as the paper lasted. It was a little teared and crumpled and browning, but it never changed. As my mother was old and dying, she gave me the stories. “Look after them” she said, “keep them close to your heart as I have done since I was your age. Tell them to your children…” But then she whispered in her last, dying breath: “and to the world”. Never have I forgotten her words, or the story. I read them over and over, wondering to myself how this can possibly be true. So many memories they brought back until I remembered her last words: ‘and to the world’. And that is what I shall do. Bring magic and mystery and astonishment to a child’s inquisitive mind. To make a child believe anything is possible. So now you shall read the story so many generations have kept secret, the exact story Fiona wings wrote, to keep the legend of the cats of Clysten living. And so the legend begins…

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