Endangered Libraries- Books are Disappearing Mysteriously

This story is based on fact regardding NYC Mayor's underfunding of our educated public libraries, which Brooklyn Public Library which owns Brooklyn Heights Library and Pacific Library is planning to sell to deveolopers, while New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan Library and Science Business Library is planning to relocate these busiest libraries with main 42nd St Library and replace with luxury building with small library space.
Please see this site to help NYC Library win fight to keep our libraries open.


1. Introduction

On Sunday, October 27th, 2013, Japanese family named Toshokan has moved to Montague Street apartment building. They were born in Miyazaki, Kyushu Prefecture, which is South Island of Japan.

Toshokan family are 10-year-old Sayaka, and her teenage sister 18-years-old Ayaka, and their father Honya, 35-years-old and mother is Yonda.

Their names are mostly named after libraries and bookstores because they love any places that haves books. They have read entire encyclopedias, dictionaries, stories and books when they were in  Japan.

"Toshokan" means "library" in Japanese.

"Honya" (HON-YA) means "Bookstore".

"Yonda" means past tence of "I read it."

Toshokan family is also anti-fracking, anti-nuclear, anti-coal activists and animal lovers as well.

They even read entire blog including Citizen Defending Libraries, Save 42nd St Library, and Noticing New York because they love to read everything, including instruction manual.




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