Captain Phillips

Its not an original story but about the movie Captain Phillips.


1. Bravery of Captain Phillips

Rich Phillips was a man of great strength and proved himself as a worthy captain. Despite having no ammu nation the way he fought and saved his crew was absolutely tremendous.

Almost everyone knew that the path from Jahooty is very dangerous. Pirates from Somalia hijack the ships and kidnap for massive ransom going into millions of dollars.

Unfortunately Rich had to pass from the same route of Jahooty. Despite of his bravest efforts his ship was hijacked. The rest of the crew hid in the Garage Room.

When the pirates asked Rich where the crew was then Rich had lied several times putting his own life in danger.

None of the crew members were hurt. rich managed to injure two armed guards. The navy came to rescue Rich and his crew. Rich survived. All ended well.

I usually do not like non fiction movies but I adored this film as it shows the bravery of  Captain of a ship. The way how he rescued his ship was amazing. People also loved him. The entire navy came to rescue Rich a.k.a Captain Phillips. No one was hut except the pirates who actually died.


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