Can't Solve My Problems

We aren't afraid of getting close to someone, only getting hurt by someone we get close too. She experienced that a million times and yet she can smile at you and say "No worries, I'm fine." Sometimes we put on masks and hide away our tears, but is that how you solve this problem?


1. The Past Came and Haunt Me

     Once she took a step out on the hallway the snickers and whispers crowded the hallways. Her emotions would swirl inside her and the tears would spill over the edge making her vulnerable to more teasing. Her escape was always the library, that's where she was heading. A new school and already her 'new start' was spoiled. As she took a seat a loud group of students entered the library making a loud scene. She frowned; this was not good she absolutely hated loud noises. 

     She got up and decided to check out her books immediately and find a new place to hide from it all. Hidden to her a boy who was labeled as a pervert was going to sneak a look up her skirt. She felt the tug on her skirt and well enough knew what it was, she turned around and gave the person right behind her a nice kick to the head. 

     "Oh no, she did not just kick Joshua!" A girl wearing an abundant amount of makeup declared as she went and helped the boy who got kicked ( though it was actually Joshua's friend who was the one grabbing for her skirt). "Caroline! Apologize now or else!" The girl screamed.

     Caroline gave the both of them a cold stare and left without much of sound. Everyone seemed to already disliked Caroline but now since she injured the star basketball player I'm guessing they'd hate her even more.

     "Umm… what was that girl's name?" Joshua asked, his shirt was askew and his friend (the pervert) helped him up. "Caroline am I correct?" The girls nodded expecting him to get the girl in trouble  but instead smiled to himself. 

     Fourth period started and already threat notes and spitballs attacked Caroline who was at the front of the class. Like always she ignored them but today she didn't have too; "You guys are wasting good paper!" It was Joshua who shouted out loud. Caroline looked at him and gave him a piece of paper written on it was 'That won't make me say sorry' Joshua smiled and wrote on the paper 'I know, but you know that kick was very hard'. 


     After school was over Joshua and his pal walked to the nearest Starbucks and sat down."Y'now that Caroline chick? I heard that girl was a mute. I'd probably guess the guilt is gettin' to her" Joshua looked at him with an un-recognizable expression. "Guess you haven't heard but the girls say she sacrificed her brother and got him killed." This time Joshua's eyes bulged open and his jaw dropped, afterwards he swore and ran out the door.

     He ran back to school and found Caroline walking home across the street, he took a deep breath and screamed. "Calico!! It's me!" In his mind Joshua kept thinking the thoughts "please remember, please remember" Caroline stopped dead in her tracks and slowly turned around, her face was pale as if she saw a ghost. Something deep in her shook and her eyes began to water, un-pleasant memories the should have been left in the past appeared and new problems spun in her head. 

     Caroline felt angry, felt depressed, traumatized and confused all at the same time. 'Why, why at this time must I deal with this' she pondered. She dashed to the next curb and was out of view in a matter of seconds leaving Joshua to say "What was that?!".

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