He craved blood; the feeling was so intense, so pure. Slowly the blood lust was taking over his brain, like a blanket wrapping round his head and muffling all sound and pain. He growled like and animal, fighting against his chains, his throat raw. Searing pain attacked as the cold metal blade was pulled across his torso, dark red blood poured out dripping onto the floor. There was a puddle below him, slowly getting wider and wider. The insanity, the lust was killing him, he longed for a drink of blood even his own, knowing that the smallest amount would kill him in an instant. At least it would be over.


1. Hope

He craved blood; the feeling was so intense, so pure. Slowly the blood lust was taking over his brain, like a blanket wrapping round his head and muffling all sound and pain. He growled like and animal, fighting against his chains, his throat raw. Searing pain attacked as the cold metal blade was pulled across his torso, dark red blood poured out dripping onto the floor. There was a puddle below him, slowly getting wider and wider. The insanity, the lust was killing him, he longed for a drink of blood even his own, knowing that the smallest amount would kill him in an instant. At least it would be over.

She leaned tantalizingly close; he could see a vein in her neck throbbing as her heart pumped blood around her body. Growling, he struggled against his chains, trying to release his arms to claw at her throat and bring the sweet warm red liquid to his lips. Withdrawing, she quickly slashed at his face, the blood pouring down his cheek. But she was clever; the gaping wound was too near his temple, it matted in his hair but ran down too far from his mouth. Letting out tears, he screamed in agony. The never ending stream of blood pooled at his feet even more, the puddle slowly inched out, creeping like a jaguar towards the women’s feet.

The man opened his eyes a crack, he groaned in pain. “What do you expect me to do?” He winced and squeezed his eyes shut. He opened one eye fully; the other was stuck with a dry crust of blood. “What do you expect any of this to accomplish?”

The girl smiled evilly, she looked, as if to examine the knife. “I want you,” languidly she pressed the knife into the palm of her right hand, “to tell me where they are.”

“Never!” He snarled, there was no way he would tell a soul. Nonchalantly, the woman opened her hand; the blood ran down her wrist slowly. The sweet scent of blood filled the air filling his lungs and taking over.

The animal was back, the one he had tried so hard to restrict. He lunged, whimpering as the chains pulled him back towards the plain white wall. His leathery grey skin hung lifelessly to his thin frame. After eating and drinking nothing for weeks, his limbs were like tooth picks.

The woman sighed, "Why don't you just tell me and get this over with." Her brown eyes glinted in the bright white lights. The whole place was too bright and much too cheerful for what was happening in it.

For the first time, he finally found some of his will power crumbling, "Never." He croaked again, yet he sounded slightly uncertain.

"Fine then," the girl snapped angrily, "just tell me where she is." Never, now he was absolutely certain, nothing could break him.

"Who?" he knew it wouldn't work, nothing ever went right for him.

“Your sister, tell me where she’s hiding.” She sneered at the word sister, I understood why, she just didn’t understand at all. No one ever understood him, even before the terrible night during December over fifty years before.

It had been snowing and the ground was covered in a light dusting of white. Crunching sounds came from his boots as the freshly fallen snow compacted below him. The road was silent, which wasn’t normal at all in this area. Whistling wind could be heard but no birds sung, it made the crunching snow seem much louder, just like other footsteps, from somewhere behind. Warily the man glanced behind himself, seeing no one he heaved a sigh of relief and carried on with his journey. He swore there was a dark figure following but every time he turned round there was nothing but the light grey sky and snow covered pavements in sight. He didn’t remember why he left, the reason that caused that terrible event. It was cloudy, whether or not he had purposely blocked it out of his head to stop the nightmares. Even with his in ability to sleep, the nightmares still caught him, reaching out with their shadowy fingers to seize his deepest darkest memories and make him seem to re live them over and over. It wasn’t fun at all, after everything that had happened in his life, could anyone or anything show any pity. He kept walking, the sound of crunching snow getting louder and louder, there was definitely someone or something following him. Trying to keep his nerve, he turned street after street to avoid the dark figure, but it just kept following. His heart pounded in his chest, adrenaline rushing through his veins. Slowly getting faster and faster, he tried the same tactic, taking random roads left and right until he didn’t recognise any of his surroundings. He was lost, turning another road into a dark alleyway, he started to sprint. The figure didn’t match his speed and grinning like an idiot the man ran. All of a sudden he almost crashed into a dirty graffiti covered wall. A dead end.

“I will never tell you anything, do your worst, I won’t give up on family, I love them too much.” He wheezed, hardly able to speak due to dehydration. It was true, they were his family, and he loved all of them. The woman looked at him cautiously as if she was pondering whether or not he was telling the truth.

Her cautious glance turned into a sneer, “Love, your kind are not capable of anything remotely similar to love.” Little did she know that the bonds he and his family had were far stronger than those of mortals like herself.

“I love my sister and I will not give her up to slaughter like some pig.” He growled, forgetting the blood lust, forgetting the pain and suffering he had been put through. He focused on one thing and one thing only, keeping his sister safe.

She observed him like a lab rat in a cruel experiment, “interesting, I would never think such powerful the bonds could be in your kind, tell me how.”

“I’m not your test subject, I won’t turn cartwheels for you.” The pain was taking over him, he was sure most if not all his ribs were broken but he couldn’t care less, “You cannot determine an entire species, if you like, by examining one person. I never wanted this to happen, this pain and suffering was forced upon me.”

He backed slowly towards the wall of the alley. The man following at an agonisingly slow pace, his red eyes and pale skin could just be seen under his large black cloak, he looked like evil in its purest form advancing slowly to daunt his prey. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He knew that any attempt to escape would only end in whatever fate had in store, just faster. So the man stood his ground, deadly afraid but even more so to show his fear, he couldn’t give his hunter the satisfaction of knowing how insanely terrified he was.

“Do you think yourself fearless?” the hunter asked, his voice was strange and melodic yet it was almost like nails on a blackboard. He had kind of an old quality in his voice and had that look of someone who was much older than he looked in those scarlet eyes.

“No.” he stuttered, trying so hard to keep his knees from shaking or giving way beneath him.

“We are hardly different were more like variation between a species rather than two single entities. We both eat meat yet while you may prefer to cook it, we eat it raw. I do not feast on humans like some others may do. You may believe I’m an abomination but I prefer to think of myself as unique.” Smiling as much as could with the broken bones and scars, he thought of his family, about all the joked they had shared on this particular subject.

Clapping sounded loud and clear, echoing around the room. Surprised, he looked up to see a man with short blonde hair and a fake smile plastered on his face. “Well done, that was quite the speech, but I’m going to ignore it, this is for the greater good of humanity.” The blonde man looked deadly serious but the woman was starting to look doubtful.

Blondie stepped forward so he stood next to the woman, “well, what are you waiting for; we won’t get any information just standing here.” She continued to stand where she was, looking torn between both options, getting the information or saving the innocent. “Fine, I’ll do it myself.” The man pulled his hoodie off and grabbed the knife out of her blood covered hand and walked towards him.`

He slashed at his stomach, cutting much deeper than the girl had done. Letting out a howl of agony, he shook his chains. “Where,” the man slashed again, this time cutting deep into his collar bone, “are,” He brought his foot up and kicked him hard in the ribs. It knocked the wind out of him and he screeched in agony at the pressure on his already broken ribs. “They?” He brought his fist up, punching him square in the jaw, and again.

The ‘man’ approached again, getting closer and closer, “Why don’t you run?”  he asked lugubriously, yet somehow like he was trying to evoke some fear in the man.

“What’s the point in running, you will still catch me.” He tried to keep his voice from wavering, if he was to die, he would die with some dignity still intact.

The figure contemplated for a second before stating, “That is true but do you think yourself courageous, standing here. Or cowardly, since you didn’t take the harder option?”

 “Why are you so interested?” he asked, confused. Why couldn’t the man just kill him and get it all over with. He was playing with his food. Teasing and his prey was getting more nervous by the second. This wasn’t right, after getting out bed that morning he never would have guessed he would end up there, in a dark alleyway with some crazy guy.

“Your kind have always fascinated me.” He didn’t like how the man in black said kind, proving his thoughts that this person wasn’t human.

“I’m really not very interesting.” He said angrily, he was wasting his time. Why couldn’t he just get it over with?

The man smiled, but it didn’t reach his scarlet eyes, “oh, but you are. It would be a shame to simply kill you.” Then he lunged towards his throat.

The blonde man continued to beat him to a pulp, bruises covered his face and body. He realized that the woman had been holding back, this was much worse. The blade cut into his stomach again, deeper and deeper. The puddle was getting bigger once again, the blood seeping onto the floor.

“Where are they?” The blonde haired man kicked him in the ribs repeatedly, highlighting each word he said. He felt like he was on fire, but he could hardly feel anything. Vision tinged with red, he snarled jumping forward. There was a ringing in his ears and his vision was blurred.

He coughed, “Why do you want them?”

Scowling the man replied, “Because it’s our jobs, the government want you all dead.” But the victim was clever; he knew there were reasons behind everything.

Ignoring the pain, he carried on. “What is your real reason, why is this your job?” He winced, even breathing was getting difficult, not that he really needed oxygen anyway. “What happened in your life that made you hate us so much?”

The blonde man paused, remembering whatever memory he had tried to suppress. “When I was five, a man appeared at my door. He had pale skin, red eyes and he seemed to be trying to hide inside his dark hoodie.” The man made a face of pure concentration, “he pushed past me into the house, searching for something. When I tried to grab him he grabbed me by the hair and threw me into a wall.” He winced, rubbing his shoulder as he remembered his old injury, “I was still conscious and I watched as he drank my mother’s blood.”

His face was set hard into a scowl, no wonder he took no pity on his victims.

“I’m so sorry, but that wasn’t me, that isn’t anyone in my family.” He felt as if he needed to apologize for all the evil his kind had ever done.

“Are you telling me you have never killed before?”

He dropped the lifeless carcass onto the dirty ground by his feet before walking over to where his friend was just finishing his meal. The other dead girl was dropped to the floor beside her best friend. It was quite nice in a morbid kind of way, although they had died so horrendously, they were still best friends together in death.

Hanging around the small yet uncharacteristically quiet city had its perks; a few murders here and there weren’t that surprising. The rest, they just tried to make them seem like an accident, a fire here, old age over here. But he wasn’t happy, no matter how much he enjoyed the hunt, that adrenaline rush and the taste of blood. He always regretted it afterward. Characteristics of old friends always turned up and he couldn’t help but wonder if any of them had looked for him at all, if they had missed him. Not a day had passed when he didn’t wish for his old life back. To wander, drunk, down the street at night with a group of friends coming back from a party. Rather than killing innocent people in the shadows.

“Why do you always resist temptation, you don’t seem to follow your instincts and you regret kills.” His companion never understood since all his human emotions had disappeared years before.

“I have killed, but I always regretted it, that’s when I decided to try and live off animal blood.” He admitted shamefully. The man shook his head and his face was a blank mask once again. He stepped forward and slashed again and again. The man didn’t wail or whimper this time, the man had to get his anger out.

All his hope had disappeared, he first thought he could convince them to change their ways but that didn’t seem very likely anymore. At least he could try and keep everyone safe for as long as possible.

He had tried so hard to contain the animal, the lust for blood, but he couldn’t do it anymore. Lunging forward, the chains restricting his movement, he growled. He fought and fought against the chains. The man drew his knife across his own forearm, which was the last straw. Crimson liquid ran down onto the floor and with one final burst of adrenaline the chains snapped and he pounced. Tackling the man to the floor, his mouth went straight to the blood drenched forearm of the blonde man. His brain went into overload as he finally got a taste of blood; he saw red and simply enjoyed the taste. He forgot what he was doing, why he didn’t drink human blood.

“No!” the woman screamed, he had almost forgotten she was there. She pulled him back, repeatedly slamming his head into the white wall. Gasping she stepped back, her hand going up to her mouth. The man wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his shoulder.

“I don’t think I can do this anymore.” She bawled quietly, hanging onto the guy’s shirt for dear life.

He rubbed comforting circles onto her back, “I know, neither do I.”

Just as he sunk down into unconsciousness he thought one small simple phrase to himself.

Maybe there is hope.

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