annabelle's secret

annabelle visits her uncle's museum, and stumbles across something amazing...


1. the museum

Annabelle stared out the window. Ever since she moved away from Bristol, she had felt so bored. At her new school, she had tried to make friends, but it always turned out wrong. She wasn’t exactly popular. When she met someone new, it always went like this:


Annabelle: hey my name is Annabelle. What’s yours?


Person: Gloria. Do you have a blackberry?


Annabelle: no…


(Person walks away)


if she didn’t have the latest iphone or blackberry, then everyone neglected her. She just had a rubbish nokia that always froze. Just when Annabelle was thinking to herself, the phone rang.

“WILL YOU GET THAT?” Shouted mum from the bathroom.

Annabelle sighed, and trudged down the stairs.

“Hello…?” mumbled Annabelle.

“Good morning Annie! Its Uncle Frank.”

Annabelle squealed. She loved her uncle frank. He owned a small museum, in Manchester and he always bought Annabelle presents, like make up sets and jewelry.

“Hi Uncle Frank! What’s up?” questioned Annabelle.

“Well I just thought you might wanna come down to the museum for a cup’a tea?”

“I’d love to!” replied Annabelle. After all she could always jump on a train down to Manchester.



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