*Skylar is played by Olivia Holt*
Skylar has always been a secretive girl. She is the daughter of posiden and the daughter of a werewolf. She soon finds out she is the chosen one and must save the world from being taken over by werewolves. Will she save the world or kill all the werewolves? Read to find out.


1. Fearless

Skylar has always been the kind of girl who liked to be alone. In town she has always been known as the creepy girl with amazing voice, I went to her favorite. Skylar looked very secretive she was wearing a black hoodie and jeans. The host was asking for some volunteers to sing. He saw I was here and Put the spotlight on me, He said not to let them down. I got up and told them to play #31. It was my favorite song, Fearless. During the song a group of guys came in, along with my pack, my boyfriend Jacob started dancing and blew me a kiss. When the song was over everybody started clapping and I went to my pack and we started to leave. When I passed by the guys one of them grabbed me by my arm. I think he saw my eyes change color. My werewolf color. I told my friends I would meet up with them later.  Oh great, I started to run as fast as I could when I was tackled by a wolf, a werewolf. I turned around went into wolf form and took him by neck and slammed him into a tree. Then the Vampires came into in party, I quickly started to run, when I turned around I saw a pack of wolves being attacked. I levited water and washed them into the ocean. I turned into a wolf and attacked the last couple vampires and turned around and started to heal the hurt werewolves with water. I turned around and started to run. I went to the lake and started to play with some water and made some glass figures. Did I mention I am the daughter of poisiden and my mother is a werewolf. My mother had died in a battle against a werewolf pack and I swore that I would kill the werewolves that killed her. I went home, me and my pack, all live in the same house, since we are the same pack. I created the home, it is this huge bubble underwater, the walls are blue and everything and I cast a water spell on the rest of the pavk so they can breath underwater.

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