My Bestie and Me

When Violet finds out some bad news, she is heart broken. She skips school, traps herself in her bedroom, what ever next?


1. Part 1: Violet Becks

"I don't have many friends, hardly any. Apart from one; my bestie Joanna (I call her Jo). My bestie means the world to me".                              - Violet Becks


"Oi Violet!" came the worst sound you could think of (no, worst then that!) "Oi! Come here!" 

I got up from my desk, walked across my box shaped room, unlocked the three locks on my door (for personal and safety reasons), opened it slowly and gently, and peered outside. It was one of my brothers. I have loads:

The eldest is Jamie, he is 21 years old and still lives in my parents' house. His girlfriend stays here sometimes (her name is Catherine and she is 19 and 3/4s). Elliot, is the second eldest, he has left high school (he is 18 years old) and he works as a mechanic and works with cars; Elliot said "Vi, when your sweet 16 I'll get you your dream car, teach you how to drive and help you repair it. If it breaks down call me first, ok?". Next are the twins, Sonny and Ben, they call themselves 'Benny' (their version of 'Jedward'). Benny are 15 years old and are always playing all sort of sports; their favourite sports are: Rugby, Football and Basketball. And last and least, the final everyone forgets about, apart from Jo, (when she isn't busy) Mum and Elliot; Me. Violet Becks (last child and only daughter), some people call me Vi.

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