Lola is just an ordinary girl with 2 annoying brothers and a dad. But this dream she keeps having Is freaking her out. Does this dream mean something? Are these creatures in her dream real? They obviously can't be . They're no such thing as vampires! Like pfft. But only Lola knows. That all her nightmares come true. When she leashes a power she never knew she had.


3. chapter 3

Yea dreamlike definitely. "How do you know my name?" I ask cautiously and suddenly everyone in the room disappears.

"Come... Come with me..." The guy says. "I need to like tell you something urgently." I shake my head. Why on earth would he want to see me. By myself and what did he have to tell me? So urgently.. I started to get scared.

"No one is here. Tell me here." I say staying on the same spot.

He nods "right.okay. Don't freak out about this," I nod and he gulps and his face turns way to pale to be healthy. "Look you have a special power. Your mother was a vampire. " was? "She was bitten after she had you. they pronounced her as dead. But really she wasn't. She was steaked a couple of years ago." Okay that explains it. "But your a half breed. Have you ever had this weird craving when you are around humans like ... Like this weird thing that smells nice." I nod to scared to speak incase my voice betrayed me. "Yea your a half breed alright. You need to help us Lola. Please." I shake my head.

"This-This-this is just a stupid joke!" I shout. Surprised no-one came out of the classroom.

"It's not I promise." He says nodding.

"It is !" I say backing away. He starts following me and suddenly lines appear on his face and sharp teeth come out. I gasp and run run towards the forest that was outside the school.

"Lola stop! I didn't mean to scare you Lola stop!" He shouts chasing after me. But it kept getting closer... And closer... Until bam. It fought to keep up with me. I struggled in its grip. "Lola stop!" It exclaims. "I won't hurt you! I didn't mean to scare you. I promise I swear down on my dead body if I break this promise you can steak me right there right then." It says. I nod and he drops his arms.

"What do you want?" I ask grumpily crossing my arms.

"I need to make you a full breed that's what I want." I can only stand there open mouthed looking at him while shaking my head vigorously

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