The Virgin Games

Set in 3030 where it is illegal to have sex before marriage. The idea behind The Virgin Games came about in 3000 when the population was spiraling out of control. To help contain it the world leaders created the games. Ten couples are sent into the games to compete. There are nine rounds after every round a couple is eliminated.Being eliminated also means death. The winner of the games will be married and allowed to continue on with the population. (One Direction not famous!)


3. Chapter 2

*Niall & Dawn*

"Niall! Does this dress look okay?" Dawn yelled from the bedroom. The silky, white dress flowed to the ground cinching in all the right places.

"You look beautiful my dear," he said smiling. "Want to help me with this tie?"

Dawn shook her head at her silly boyfriend who couldn't even tie the tie correctly.

"You know you are going to have to learn for yourself one day right?"

Niall sighed and nodded his head. His only thought was would he see the day he would learn.

"I love you silly," Dawn leaned in to kiss Niall after she finished his tie.

She turned on her heel to walk over to her vanity table. Niall stood there motionless while Dawn hummed.

"You know we don't have to do this," Niall whimpered.

"What?" Dawn called as she applied the light shade of pink to her narrow lips.

"We don't have to do this. Go to the games. We can live a happy life. Together. Who says we need the games and marriage?" Niall was more than afraid to go into the games.

Everyone was counting him out already. His older brother, Greg, had lost the games five years ago with his love, Denise.

"We won't have any support. You know I am barely allowed to compete. I just think that maybe we shouldn't..."

Dawn stood up and ran to Niall.

"Niall, calm down," Niall was sinking to his knees. The fear was overwhelming his at this moment.

"I don't want to die. And I don't want you to die at the hands of me Dawn."

Dawn held onto Niall, she knew she had to be strong for him.

"Listen, if I didn't think we were going to win then I wouldn't have asked you to marry me Niall."

"It's suppose to be the other way around anyway. I'm too weak."

"You are just scared. Greg came in second Niall. He was close and would have won but Denise was the reason they lost. We all saw that. She gave up on him. I'm not going to give up on you. And I know you aren't going to give up on me. We got this Niall."

Niall finally looked up at Dawn's sweet face. Her bright, blue eyes were the reason he fell in love with her in the first place. Dawn's chocolate hair was down to her waist now because Niall asked her four years ago not to cut her hair anymore.

"I love you Dawn," Niall smiled and pulled her into a kiss.

"I love you Niall. Now finish getting ready. The banquet waits for no one."

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