3 Words:
- independent
- mysterious
- unpredictable
Pulling apart the curtain was the hardest part, since she had so much light to show the world.
But from the moment I saw her, I knew she would have an effect on my life. Maybe not at first, but underneath, I saw the beauty bright enough to light a thousand lanterns. the lanterns that would lift her up.
Catherine, the name worth of a million dreams.


1. chapter 1

Catherine's POV:

Jump. Tuck. Turn. Repeat.

I've been doing this for 45 minutes now, practicing my flip turn tuck-over for dance.

Well, I wasn't assigned to do this, but yet I'm still doing it. Would you call that determination?

Okay, you got me. I don't take dance classes.

I never have, though I always wanted to.

I usually practice things I see on the web, master them, and create my own routine with the moves.

Jump. Tuck. Turn. Repeat.

I land with a hard thump. A thump that shook the house.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE?" My father hollered from downstairs.

"PRACTICING!" I yell back to him.

See, it's just me and my father.

My mom died after my birth, so it's always been the two of us and my cat, lilac. 

And I guess me and and my father are 'friends'. I mean, we love each other and all, its just were both so busy all the time, we never have time to sit down and chat.

So i've always been sort of independent.

And my cat lilac, she's a rag muffin. She's a white cat, with gray spots. I named her lilac because of her eyes. They were so bright and Blue even mother nature couldn't look directly at them without sunglasses.

Lilac rubbed against my leg and stared at me. A small purr came from her, and her nose wiggled.

Some fun facts about lilac:

- She'll rub against anything.

- She'll try the lick anything.

- When ever you pet her, her nose wiggles.

- And she specializes in cuddling.

Lilac was prancing on my phone as if my phone was suddenly a trampoline.

As soon as Lilac licks the phone, a song suddenly starts that scares her to the back of the room.

I couldn't help it if a small giggle escaped from my mouth.

The song that was play was a one direction song, "C'mon C'mon" 

My personal favorite!

I got up and stroked lilac. 

"dont worry babe, the sun will shine" I smoothly said to lilac.

She started walking out from the corner she was in and sat down in the middle of my room.

I got up, put her on a pillow, and started reading.

"Wonder" was closest to me, so I picked it up and read from the beginning.

Each page I turned, my eyes got heavier.

When I awoke, the sun was glistening over the horizon, so I fed Lilac, put away "Wonder" and went downstairs to get my back pack to start my homework.

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