Drop Dead Gorgeous

Allison Jessica Storm is not just any ordinary girl. She is a witch that attends Beauxbatons Academy of magic. What happens when her parents move her because her best friend has been brutally murdered and they believe that their beloved daughters are next. She has been moved to hogwarts where she meets four certain boys that change her life forever.


1. Best Friends

My name is Allison Jessica Storm and my twin sisters name is Rosalie Rain storm. We both attend used to attend Beauxbaton Academy. We wasn't exactly popular there because we wasn't the perfect veela. Our best friends were obviously each other and Jessica Snow, Hope Iris, Evelyn Ember and Winter Rose. They are all beautiful girls but we are all also outcasts except Winter. Shes so popular and she gets along with everyone unless you are on her bad list then she makes your life a living hell. Get on her bad side she will spill everything she knows about you and trust me Winter knows everything. We didn't care that we wasn't popular but then a month before something awful happened.

Everyone was sat in in the dorm doing our own things when Winter walked in. She looked at us and sighed

"You guys are so boring. I want to party. Come on I know a girl who is throwing a party."

She twirled her long curly hair in her tiny hands. Her perfect nails had been painted a pale baby pink to match the dress she was wearing.I looked at her and replied

 "Winter you're the popular one here you can go but I doubt we will be welcome."

She walked over to me and smiled in a way that meant she was up to something. She whispered

"Come on Allison you know you want to. Its not you they hate. Its the others but you hang out with these guys so much they get the wrong picture. We can go and then come back and have a sleepover to make up for it."

I looked at her. Eager glowed brightly in her perfect golden eyes. I sighed and replied

"As much as I want to go Winter I can't I have a detention with Madam Hutchings. I mean it was only a small prank on those snobs."

  Winter giggled then asked

"What did you do?"

I replied 

" I turned their skin either blue or green and then I either made their hair fall out or turn a horrible dull grey."

She laughed hysterically and then she managed to get out

"Wow I would love to see the look on their faces."

I smiled at her.We all hated Pearl and her group. Even Winter.Then told her

"Winter go to the party I know you want to."

She gave me a strange looked and asked

"You don't mind?"

I shook my head and replied

"Of course I don't just be careful."

She squealed loudly. The girls looked over to us curiously. She seemed desperate to go to this party but when we go to parties something bad always happens. Quietly I watched her leave as she hurried quickly out the door with her blonde long hair swishing from side to side as she walked. In the distant I could still hear her tall pink and white polka dot heals clicking against the smooth wooden corridor as she hurried away to her party.

That was the last time I saw Winter Rose. We all missed her dearly and searched the campus for her everyday to see if she had moved dorms or something but we never saw her with perfect blonde curly hair again until the last week of school.

Evelyn ran into our dorm with Rosie, Jess and Hope on her tail. I was trying to get my things together for the end of the week so I didn't have to do it at the last minute. When I turned round I noticed they was all crying. I ran over to them and asked 

"Guys whats happened? Was it Pearl and her friends again?"

I could feel the anger bubbling up inside of me at the mention of Pearls name. She looks so innocent but she isn't. She has been picking on Rosie for months. They shook their head and Rosie managed to choke out 

"They found Winter dead just near the pond when they was going to build near there they believe someone murdered her."

My whole world came crashing down. Winter was my best friend. She could be pretty mean at times but she was only trying to help us fit in.Well really she was helping us be the superior group at beauxbatons instead of the outcasts.She said there could only be one superior group and if it wasn't us it would be pearl and her massive crowd. Winter was like our leader. Sobs broke out and we all hugged each other and cried.

Today it is the funeral that Winters family has organised. We had arrived at Mapletree church. I picked up my baby sister Daisy who was only one but we couldn't get a baby sitter. I gave Daisy to Mum and Dad. When we got to the entrance of the church I spotted Evelyn, Hope and Jess. We hugged each other but then I spotted Winters mother. I walked up to Mrs Rose and said politely 

"Mrs Rose I'm so sorry for your loss. Winter was an amazing and beautiful girl."

Mrs Rose smiled at me slightly and replied

"You was always was a sweetheart Allison dear. I know this is hard but we will all get through this."

She squeezed my shoulder lightly then walked away. I sat through the funeral and thought about how it was my fault shes died. If I stopped her from going to that party the murder wouldn't have been able to touch her. I let her go when I knew it wasn't safe for her to go. After it finished my mum and dad took me, Rosie and Daisy home. I carried Daisy up the stairs and put her to bed. She had pretty much been asleep all day so she was no trouble at all. When I went into the living room with Rosie I noticed everyone was sat down. My mum spoke sternly 

"Girls sit down we need to talk."

We both sat down at the same time and looked at them. My dad spoke next

"Well we both agree to this and we believe we should move to England."

Me and Rosie shouted together

"What?! No.Why do you want to move?!"

My mum replied calmly 

"Well your farther and I was put on the case of Winter Rose's death and she was obviously murdered. The signs are she was tortured by the cruciatus curse and then she was stunned. That didn't cause the death but there seems to be a sign that someone drowned her. We don't know who it was but we have a feeling they are at the school or nearby. We don't want you to attend that school anymore and we don't want to live in France. Its not safe anymore girls. Jessica, Hope and Evelyn are also moving but at Hogwarts you are put in houses so you might not be together a lot." 

Me and Rosie look at each other. If Jess, Hope and Evelyn are going then it should be okay . We look back at our parents who smile slightly my mum says kindly 

"They won't be living that close but we all talked and we thought it would be a good decision to move you guys because of how close you was with Winter. Who ever it was defiantly had something against her and we don't want to risk you girls being next. I know some friends in England and our family will be moving next door to them and your friends will be nearby so you can visit them through the rest holidays. Also my friends have a son next door so maybe you will get along nicely with him? He is your age and I know he has friends over a lot so maybe its a good chance to get to know a few kids you will be going to school with."

I sigh. This was going to happen either way. Me and rose nodded in agreement and Rosie speaks up. 

"If we get to be with our friends then we agree. We will move."

Our parents smiled with delight that we agreed to leave our beautiful home to go to a dull new one. I huffed and stormed up the stairs to my room and then I locked the door. Grabbing my teddy bear Winter gave me I jumped onto the bed and fell asleep knowing soon I will be saying goodbye to France and hello to England.

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