From friend to boyfriend


1. 1

Imagine: You are just friends with Justin. You comes home after school today, and your family is comming for dinner tonight. It's your birthday today. You walk in and see Justin and all from your family. You close the door behind you and just staying there smiling. Justin smiles to you and starts to sing the happy birthday song, together your family. You are so happy. You think he is so cute. I think i'm falling in love with him. Happy tears runs down your checks while you are smileing. Justin comes over to you and hugs you. He wisperes "happy birthday sweetie" and kisses your check. You smile and wisperes back "thank you Justin". You let go af the hug and you says hi to your family. "I'll be right back. I need to change" you says. Justin says "can I go with you, but I'll not look". Your family laugh. You winks and says "yes but don't look". You run up stares to your room. You find your purple dress and some black underwear. You walk to the bathroom and start bathing.

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