The Doctor's Hourglass Part 2

Clara is forced to revisit her past when she's captured by the Silence. The Doctor gets caught as well. Vastra, Jenny and Strax seem to have disappeared. What hope is there left? Ah well, The Doctor always finds a way.


1. The Doctor's Hourglass 1




(The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, which is standing outside a Medieval Castle)

THE DOCTOR: Fresh air. It's spring.

CLARA: Middle Ages?

THE DOCTOR: Possibly. I just found myself intrigued by the thought of adventure.

(Cut to the Doctor holding out his hand and smiling at Guinevere)

THE DOCTOR: Pleasure to meet you. This is my companion, Clara. How are you, your Highness?

(Cut to Guinevere sitting at a table in a study across from the Doctor and Clara)

Guinevere: The thing is, I've heard about you before and you're reason is never really about visiting is it?

THE DOCTOR: Not always. Who told you about me?

GUINEVERE: I know people. But tell me, Doctor. What do you know about the TimeLord Sands?

(Cut to the Doctor and Clara sitting together in the Dinner Hall)

THE DOCTOR: My Sand is the only one left and I hid it away. I don't remember where though. If someone were to destroy it, Clara, there wouldn't be any Time Lords left.

(Cut to the Doctor stepping out of a cupboard. Vastra has her gun trained in on the blackness)

VASTRA: Don't move. Literally don't move.

(Cut to further in the conversation)

THE DOCTOR: The Silence. That's what's in the room.

(Cut to the Doctor staring angrily at The Riddle)

THE RIDDLE: They call me The Riddle, Doctor. Do you know why? It's because I never make sense. I know everything.

THE DOCTOR: You can't know everything.

THE RIDDLE: Oh but I do dear, Doctor. I know much more than you. I know what will happen in the future. What has happened in the past. I know your secrets. I even know your name.

(Cut to Clara's bedroom. Something moves in the dark. The lights flicker. Clara crosses her arms. There's tally marks all over them)

CLARA: What?!

(The Silence appear in the room. Clara yells out in exclamation. Then the Silence are on the roof)


(Cut to the Riddle pulls his hood back)

THE DOCTOR: That is hideous.

THE RIDDLE: You know now. You know that silence shall fall.

(The camera cuts to the front to reveal The Riddle is indeed a Silence)



(Clara wakes up in a strange room. She looks down at her bonds and then looks up to see Silence standing infront of her)

CLARA: You're the Silence. Aren't you? Those weird creatures that people can't remember?

SILENCE: Are you the Doctor's companion?


SILENCE: You are not Amy Pond.

CLARA: No. I'm not Amy Pond. My name's Clara Oswald and the Doctor is going to-

SILENCE: You are the impossible girl? The girl who saves the Doctor.

CLARA: Yes. That's me.

SILENCE: Your purposes are no longer needed. We know of your Dalek incarnation and all the others. We have gathered enough information.

CLARA: What do you want?

(Clara struggles at her bonds. Then she frowns)

SILENCE: The Doctor will die.

(Clara glares at the Silence)

CLARA: You're the Silence? Aren't you? Those weird creatures that people can't remember?

(One of the Silences steps forward and peers closer at Clara)

THE SILENCE: River Song failed in her purpose.

(Light begins to gather around the Silence as it begins shooting electricity off its fingers. Clara screams)

(Cut to the Doctor talking to the Riddle in the Druid chamber)

THE DOCTOR: What I don't understand is why? You've already said your death sentence...ah, but that hasn't been yet so you're safe. And I think I just figured it out. All your purpose is to rid the Universe of me isn't it? And what better way for going back many many years ago and planting it in the humans brains that...let's say, I'm the bad guy. So when the 21st century finally comes. BOOM! They don't know me. They don't trust me...


THE DOCTOR: And they'll try and kill me. Well, sorry to disappoint but I can't let that happen.

THE RIDDLE: It is already done. We've already acquired Clara Oswin Oswald and we've gained all the information we need.

THE DOCTOR: You know, I'm not scared. Do you know why?

THE RIDDLE: You're lying.

THE DOCTOR: No I'm not. I'm not scared because you're always the one who's scared of me. I can travel through time and space. I can change time. And as long as I'm alive you're never going to win. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go help Clara.

(The Riddle steps forward to try and stop the Doctor. The Doctor pulls a gun on The Riddle)

THE RIDDLE: You tell many lies, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: What do you mean?

THE RIDDLE: The only person who you trust is yourself and even you aren't loyal.

(The Doctor storms out and for some reason The Riddle doesn't follow. The Doctor's hand glows red)

THE DOCTOR: I'm glad I saved this. Absolute genius on my part.

(The Doctor runs in the direction of Camelot to save Clara. He places a finger over the glowing spot)

THE RIDDLE: Clara is already dead.

(The Doctor glances up sharply and begins running again)

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