New Girl

Grace is new to Springs high. She meets a boy. Marcel. His older brother, Harry, seems to have a secret, and it involves Grace. Will he ever let Marcel know?


1. I miss Dad.I thim

Life is tough. I learned that the hard way. With my dad dying, moving to new schools, and getting bullied, nothing seems perfect anymore.

"Nothing is perfect," Mom said.

"I guess you're right," I said.

Mom is always right. She is very wise. She must be heart-broken now. I miss dad.

“Mom,” I said. 

“Yes?” She asked.

ugh. I didn't want to say it now, I'll know she's going to break down and cry. I have to. “W-why did dad die?”

“Honey,” Mom said. “I already told you.”

“I know,” I said. “It's just...because....I miss Dad.”

“I know you do,” she stroked my hair. “I do, too.”

“So, how did he did again?”

Mom sighed. “Lung cancer, Grace.” 

I think tears are coming now. Excuse me.


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