Soul Brother and Sister

"Kai! Wait!" Jai yelled behind the boy she had recently been informed was her brother.
"Jai, I'm not ready for all of this. You are not my sister," he stalked away leaving Jai standing under the cold rain.
This was only the beginning of their story though.


1. Chapter 1 - Jai

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.

A simple song that you sing as a child when all they wish to only go outside and play. But rain for Jai is a calming setting her heartbeat back to normal. 

"Jai! Dinner is ready! Come down here!" the elderly woman yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Her face worn with age and dark shadows cast under her eyes from worry that the young girl she adopted last year would find out the truth one day. 

"Coming Gran!" Jai yelled pulling her bluish black hair into a tight ponytail. 

The old woman had only adopted her because her father had passed away from cancer. Jai always believed she looked so similar to her father even though his hair had begun to fade to a salt and pepper mix. 

Jai stopped to look at herself in the mirror.

"I miss you father," she whimpered grabbing a hold of the necklace he had given her for her seventh birthday. The silver, crescent moon hung right along her collarbone. The moon was the size of half an apple in height, wrapped with rose vines with detailed thorns and a single rose bloom at the bottom. 

Jai didn't remember much of her childhood but Dr. Reyes said it was become of her being traumatized by her parents' arguing.

His famous speech to her at their weekly meetings was as followed, "Jai. You're special. You blocked out every bad memory. The only reason you didn't block out the memory of your necklace was because it means too much to you. Your mother was not fit to care for you. She verbally abused you and your father. And your mind, Jai. Your mind is incredible enough to erase all of that."

"What about the memory of her leaving then?" Jai always questions. 

"You want to remember that pain because it's happy and sad. It's a happy memory because that means your suffering ended. It's sad because nobody wants to witness their mother attempting to kill their father then running away."

Jai sighed returning to her reflection and the sound of her grandmother's voice calling for her once again. 

"Are you ever going to come down dear?" the old woman stood directly in her door. 

"Oh," Jai jumped back startled by the sight of her grandmother. "It's only been," she turned to look at the clock which revealed to her that she had been standing there for over fifteen minutes. 

"Hmm?" she asked, looking worried. 

"Sorry grams. I got distracted," she released the necklace from her clutch. 

"Hurry down now," her grandmother let her alone once again. 

Jai immediately held up her hand to the mirror. The thorns had pricked her hand and feint drops of blood were covering her hand. 

"What the.." Jai whispered taking note of the wounds. "This has never happened." 

Jai returned her stare back into the mirror where she quickly dropped her glance, startled by what had met her gaze. 

Once again she attempted to look into the mirror but was only met by her reflection. The male figure that appeared to be standing directly behind her before was gone. 

"Jai! Don't make me throw your dinner away!"

"Coming Grams!" she called flipping the light switch off and closing her door behind her. "Let me just wash up real fast!" 

Jai ran to the wash room to rinse the blood droplets from her hands. She splashed a little water over her face before going to the dining room. 

"See, I'm here. Ready to eat Grams," Jai spoke in a sarcastic tone. 

"Are you okay?"

"Just peachy," Jai said hiding her hand beneath the table as her grandmother placed a plate of home cooked food in front of her. 

Immediately Jai grabbed a fork and was ready to eat and was met with a swift smack on the back of her hand. 

"Ah! Grams!" Jai complained at the smack had caused pain to erupt in her small wounds. 

"We say grace. You've been in this home for a year today and you still haven't learned."

"Sorry Grams. My father didn't force me to believe in that nonsense," Jai snapped because the pain began to shoot up her arm. 

"Don't you snap at me young lady!" her grandmother stood up, even though she was still about the same height standing as Jai was sitting. "Religion is not nonsense. Go upstairs now!" the old woman's quiet voice had transformed into a deep, dark voice. "And next time think about who took you in when nobody else wanted you!"

Jai shook her head, fighting the tears that were emerging in her eyes. She ran as fast as she could up the flight of stairs to her room. Slamming the door for mere effect and sliding down the wooden door. 

After a few deep breathes she climbed back to her feet. Jai stalked over to her closed closet doors stripping the door open with one whip and grabbing her black jacket. She zipped it up just below her necklace line. Next, slipping on a pair of worn, but very loved, Converse high-tops she ran to her window. 

Jai noted the crescent moon was near it's apex so she slipped open her window, revealing a light gust mixed with the light drizzle of precipitation, just as there was a knock on her door. The knock roared through the room and Jai thought about answering. 

"Jai, sweetie. Let me in," her grandmother's voice had turned back to the sweet voice she was accustomed to. "We need to talk about the blood in the wash room sink." 

Jai shook her head, took a deep breathe, and jumped from the window to the side roof. A four foot drop Jai had perfected over the last year. After the jump she ran across the little roof to the side where she jumped a top of an old refrigerator her grandmother refused to part ways with. This only allowed for an easier exit from the house. 

Jai's slim body shook from the wind and the chill provided by the oncoming rain. Quickly, she turned around the golden glow appearing from her window and noted her grandmother had not made the entrance. 

Running, running with every ounce of strength she had, Jai headed west into the woods. There was a clearing that helped her set her mind straight and gave her a direct view of the moon once it hit its apex. 

Jai continued running until she was greeted by the bright light being expressed from the moon. A true natural beauty that would be unbearable to live without. 

Walking a slower than normal pace over to the center of the clearing and dropping to the ground. 

"Father! Why did you leave me alone!" Jai yelled up at the sky. "Why?" she said as a teardrop escaped from her small eyes. 

The moon light reflected off of her necklace, this was usual. But tonight, the necklace was cold as ice against her skin. The rain was picking up and causing small puddles to form around her. 

"Father! Please! Answer me!" Jai yelled back to the sky. 

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