Friends with Dan

Ireland meets her fave YouTuber, Dan. He saved her life and he didnt know it. Through out her life she had been hated. See what happens when she finally meets him.


1. Hey!

Hey, my name is Ireland and am 16 years old. I have long blond hair and light blue eyes. Am small for my age and get bullied for it. Its not the only thing i get bullied on. Its how i live. I have no friends so i stay in and watch people on youtube. There is one person i watch all the time. He is called Dan. I love how we are both weird though. The way he styles his ginger hair and how he makes himself look smarter with his glasses. Basically if it wasnt for him I wouldnt be here any longer. Its always been my dream to meet him. We would be able to go to McDonalds together. His tweets never fail to make me laugh. I tweeted him one day and he tweeted me back saying that he would meet me too. I was happy. Over the moon actually. We arranged to meet and the day finally came.


I was walking down to road to the park when i saw someone sat on the swings. He looked like Dan. With the way everything as on him. As i got closer i saw it actually was. I was smiling and couldnt help it.

"Hey, am Dan." He stook his and out for me to shake.

"A..Am Ireland." I shook his hand and smiled wider. As if he is actually here.As a friend. My first ever one. I broke down in tears. He cuddled me in his arms. They felt so strong. He told me everything was going to be ok.

"Its not....." He looked confussed.

"Why isnt is?" I told him everything that has happened and i found out simmilar things happened to him.

We went to McDonalds and he came home with me. My mum let him stay the night and he left before i woke up. I looked on the bed side table and saw a note with his number on.


A/N- I know last bit got rushed but oh well. Comment what you think so far. By the way its not Danisnotonfire. Its Danspaces. You should go cheek him out.


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