Youtube Imagines

This is basically a book full of imagines with youtubers. You can request for one if you wish


2. Dan for Adara

I opened up my twitter account and saw i had a new follower and a new message. I looked at the follower first so i can follow them back only to see that follower was someone who claimed to be Dan Howell. I thought it as a fake until i looked at the @ name..... @danisnotonfire. Holey shit. Dan Howell follows me. I looked at the message and saw it was from Dan

'Hey, your a vlogger and i was wondering if you want to colab with me?' i read the message over a few times to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me and the message was real and by THE DAN HOWELL! I started freaking out and quickly typed back a message 'Yes! of course id do a video with you!' whilst i was waiting for a reply my thoughts were clouded with bad things that could happen, what if i died before i get to colab with him?! I pushed the thoughts away and read the last message he sent me which said 'I'll send you my address and you come and meet me in london'. 

I freaked out because there was no way i could afford to travel all the way to london just to do a video. I quickly typed back saying 'Sorry, but i cant afford :( I really would love to but i cant!' Tears started brimming my eyes and slowly started to fall, i cant meet my idol, never mind do a video on his channel! My body rattled with sobs and the tears fell quicker, call me pathetic but i cant help it, Suddenly my computer beeped telling me i had a notification, it was a new message from Dan, i read it and smiled slightly as it said he would pay for my costs, i told him thank you and id be there as soon as possible.



*The next day*


I arrived at Dan's front door and knocked lightly. The door opened and in that moment sparkling eyes met mine and my heart sped up 4x faster than normal. "Are you coming in then?" Dan chuckled nervously. I nodded slightly and walked over the threshold, Dan lead me up to his room where the camera equipment was already set up and waiting for us to film our video. "So uhh, what do you want to do it about?" he asked, I shrugged and blushed looking at the ground when he laughed. We sat down and filmed the video, it was about nothing particular we just talked about whatever was on our mind. 

Once the video was filmed me and dan both started to burst out laughing and falling backwards on his bed. He sighed and turned to face me. I was about to say something but was cut off when a pair of chapped lips were placed on my soft ones corrupting me of my innocence. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away to stare into his eyes to make sure he meant the kiss and it wasn't just a one off. He smiled and asked me the one question i'd been dreaming of him to ask me since the first day i dreamt about him. "Will you be my girlfriend Adara?" he asked looking directly into my eyes. I re attached my lips to his and nodded, he smiled and held me in his arms as we fell asleep together. 

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