Nuna - A Harry Potter headcanon story

Another instalment in my series of Harry Potter headcanons - thanks for the support, and please keep suggestions coming! :D


1. After the battle


     The battle of Hogwarts was finally over. Loved ones lay dead, lined up alongside each other... sleeping. That's right, they were all sleeping. At least that's how Luna liked to describe the passing of someone dear.

     It didn't matter what was currently going on around you - Luna's sweet and innocent charm will squeeze a happy thought in there amongst all the negative ones. It was something Neville admired greatly of Luna; her ability to always make people smile, and often without intentionally doing so. She made people smile by just being herself, and that was something truly beautiful.

     "Neville, I know there's not much I can say," Luna began, in her soft, dreamy voice. "I know there aren't any words that can make you feel better right now, bu-"
"Thank you, Luna."
Luna stared at Neville for a few seconds, her brow slightly furrowed, trying to work out whether he was being short with her and if she should take that as a sign to leave. She decided he hadn't meant it that way and was genuinely just thanking her for making an effort to comfort him.

     Neville turned his gaze away from the damp, wet ground to Luna's pale, pretty face. "Thank you Luna. But you don't need to. It's not necessary."
"Who's to say what is necessary?" Luna said as she lowered herself down to sit next to Neville. "I wouldn't say it was necessary to hide someone's shoes the day they have to pack them, yet the Nargles seem to think so."
Neville smiled. Nargles. Oh Luna.
"Thank you for coming to find me Luna."
"That's what friends are for, Nev. I'm here for you."
Neville's smile instantly faded. 'Friends.' Now that was one thing he didn't like hearing from Luna when she was talking to him.

     It didn't seem fair after how much time they had spent together Luna still only thought of him as a friend. Or so he thought.

     "Neville, I've been meaning to ask you something," Luna said quietly. Neville's face instantly lit up again at the hint of nervousness in Luna's voice, and looked straight at her. he didn't even try to hide his anticipation. Luna looked back at him, and waited a few long seconds before speaking again.

     "Do you think these radish earrings suit me?"

Neville's delighted expression instantly faded. He continued staring at her, feeling quite hurt and frustrated. Radish earrings? Really?!

Luna giggled. She couldn't keep up her teasing for long. She hated seeing Neville's cute, round face looking so sad. "Don't be silly, Nevvie! I was only teasing!"
Luna giggled her cute, childish giggle once again, planted a quick peck on Neville's cheek then stood up to start making her way towards the Great Hall to pay her respects.

     Neville stayed sat down, stunned from what had just happened. He remained silent for a few moments before smiling and calling to Luna, "Yes. Your earrings look lovely."

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